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Web Analytics Tools Comparison

Web Analytics tools comparison helps you to decide which tool is good for you to analyze your site. This article will be comparing different Web Analytics Tools. 

Web analytics are done by measuring, collecting, analyzing and displaying internet data in order to understand and use the consequent information about utilization of the site by the users.

Web Analytics tools are used to assist you in tracking your website’s statistics that let you know the number of visitors, they came from which site, page views and some other information which helps you to know who is your audience? Hence, these tools are very useful for business and market research. But finding which web analytics tool suites you the most, is not an easy job. So here we are comparing various web analytics tools on various factors.

Google Analytics

Web Analytics Tools Comparison

It is one of the best and finest free tools that can be used by any website proprietor to track and analyze various data about web-traffic. This tool generates a detailed description about your website that contains information about visitors, goals, traffic sources, e-commerce and content. It extends its abilities with an array of third-party apps and tools.


1. For every category of users (specialized as well as amateurs).

2. Trouble-free installation

3. Traffic campaign measurements

4. Frequent updates

5. Custom reports

Yahoo Web Analytics

Web Analytics Tools Comparison

It is the best alternative to the leading Google Analytics. It’s a robust, enterprise level web-based 3rd data very easily. This tool comprises of all the things one would expect from a versatile web analytics tool, such as real time web data tracking, pretty graphs and custom designed reports.


1. Visitors Reports (click path, demography, behavior)

2. Real-Time Data Collection

3. Dashboards with Smart Analytics

4. Easy customization of reports and fields

5. Tracking Pay-per-click (PPC) Campaigns

6. Advanced pay-per-click (PPC) Campaign Management


Web Analytics Tools Comparison

Woopra is a Web Analytic tool which is formatted in Java. It’s divided into two parts which contains a web service for monitoring the website statistics and a desktop app for data exploration/analysis. It is free to try and even free to use for non-commercial purpose, and it is also very cheap if one need volume. Woopra offers a robust and a clean user interface that provides visitor profiles and history in a very neat dashboard, and it’s also got an intuitive execution system which allows user to process it on multiple domains & sites.


1. Real-Time Data Collection with a Dashboard Assistance for Statistical Studies

2. Various Plugins are Available (such as for vBulletin and WordPress)

3. Chat Feature for Visitors


Web Analytics Tools Comparison

It is an open source web analytics tool which is developed using MySQL and PHP. It has got a Plugin system which allows it for its utmost customization and extensibility. The user can install only that plugin which he needs to or he can also install all of them. user may also create custom extensions on his own.


1. Modern and easy-to-use User Interface

2. frequency may be adjusted)

3. Web Analytics Variables with Customization Feature

Crazy Egg

Web Analytics Tools Comparison

It uses the facility of heat-map technology to provide a visual picture to the user about what the site visitors are reading or doing on his Web pages. In fact, it even describes about where visitors are moving their mouse pointer on the page and also where they are clicking. It provides free trial for one month, but after that user has to pay a price of $9 for 10 heat-maps per month.


1. Provides Scroll-map and Heat-map Technology

2. SEO Recommendation

3. Click Event Reports

Quick Review of these Tools








Method for Tracking

Google Analytics Free Google Cookies through JavaScript
Yahoo! Web Analytics Free Yahoo! Cookies through JavaScript
Woopra Free and Paid iFusion Labs LLC Cookies through JavaScript


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