TechPluto….Re-ideated !

Whazz up !

All you guys who have been following TechPluto will witness even wider coverage of Web products,services and lots more from now onwards.

Till now,TechPluto confined its domain to reviewing startups/early stage web services only.But from now on,you will witness much more on TechPluto.

From Tech events to silicon valley gossip,from giant mergers to controversial acquisitions,from hard-hitting comparisons to social media analysis,from critical statistics to Number crunching…..All fully loaded stuff

And yes,this re-ideation also includes our “more casual” approach towards things that matter on WWW.

Why this…?

A cluster of events passed by,from product launches to giant deals/backtracks but TechPluto felt confined to its domain and could not share its perspective towards the events.

Many hidden facts and technology gossips left untold coz we were bound to our own definition(startup analysis).

But user feedback and our own introspection led us to re-ideate TechPluto and broaden its coverage in the field of Technology

We hope that the “New version” will find much more appreciation and readership and our readers will find multiple reasons to bookmark our weblog.

See ya,

Prashant Sharma




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