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Myngle Review

Here’s Myngle reviews. Myngle is a site where users learn new languages. Myngle offers students and teachers in different locations with all the tools needed for synchronous e-learning

It’s good to see that e-learning sector is emerging really fast and every facet of learning is getting technology support so that a global approach can be followed in education sector as well.

An area which has been typecasted as an “offline only” facet in educatiom1.jpgn sector is “Foreign language learning”.There have been very limited attempts to create a intelligent online marketplace for foreign language learning till date.One of such attempts is Myngle(another is edufire,which we covered recently).

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Myngle,an Amsterdam based startup,which is led by Marina Tognetti started its operations in december 2007 with an angel funding of $1.1 Mn.So far,it appears that they have made a smart utilization of the money they fed into the system.The website is easy to use and the tools provided for language learning look intelligent enough.

In their own words,

Myngle is the global language marketplace, where teachers and students from all over the world myngle, understand each other better and have fun,as they learn new languages and cultures. Myngle offers a solution by providing students and teachers in different locations with a complete online language instruction platform, containing all the tools needed for synchronous e-learning

A student on Myngle is provided with a system,which takes basic information(ex. language to learn,lesson fees,tutor’s experience etc ) from the user about the kind of language learning he/she is looking for and then suggests the available options to the student.The student can then select the appropriate teacher and contact him to proceed further.


A student can also ask for a trial class before committing to any teacher on Myngle.This lets the student decide,if the teacher is apt for him/her or not.

After a formal commitment,both students and teachers use Myngle’s tools to let the things take off.Myngle tools seem quite appropriate for foreign language learning.

By far,a number of teachers from all over the world have successfully utilized the system and are generating appreciable amount for themselves through the system.

If a student could see a demo lesson,pre-recorded by a teacher on Myngle then the procedure for trial class could be skipped by the student(if he/she feels satisfied) and both the parties could save some time in early procedures.Another problem seems with those developing countries where the appropriate customers(learners) for Myngle aren’t able to pay even upto EUR 15 for a lesson.

For instance,an Indian willing to learn ‘german language’ won’t find it a smart move to shell out EUR 15(Rs.950) per lecture to a german teacher.It’s far too high compared to any local fees for german language learning in India.

Now,here is a possible solution : If an Indian teacher(who knows german) is already on Myngle then his price range should be much low(~EUR 4) per lecture which can serve as a feasible solution for a learner from India.

Overall,Myngle looks a promising service in the field of ‘foreign language online learning‘.



  1. Egbert

    September 9, 2008 at 8:16 am


    Thank your for this write up. I am not objective since I am one of the founders of Myngle but I am happy with it.

    One of your readers already came to us and asked where Myngle differs from other parties in this area, so I think the best place to explain that is here:

    What makes Myngle different is the emphasis we have on quality of the learning experience. This means both quality of teachers and content and help to choose the best option for each individual need.

    Only a small part of the teachers registered on Myngle (less then 20%) is in fact visible to students. These are teachers who have a minimum quality standard as well as most having being trained from us on how to effectively teach online.

    The best teachers that pass a strict selection and are tested by Myngle become ‘certified’, which you can recognize from the icon near the feedback starts. So, if you want the best of the best…

    Also, to facilitate the choice we introduced the Myngle Advisor, which selects amongst more then thousand courses the one that better fits your need.
    All this is pretty unique, there is not to our knowledge any competitor offering this.

    But I think the best way to know if it what you are looking is just to try (most teachers offer a free first introductory class)

    Greetings, Egbert

  2. John

    September 11, 2008 at 12:41 pm

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  3. Jim Spence

    October 7, 2008 at 7:26 am

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  5. Andrew

    September 14, 2009 at 10:46 pm

    If you want to learn Chinese with native, you can try Touchchinese.com which provides one on one Chinese lessons

  6. online german lessons

    April 27, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    How do you become a teacher for Myngle. Very interested in starting online german lessons.

  7. Mark

    July 16, 2010 at 7:01 am

    I’ve taken 8 eight Italian lessons so far with Myngle. I was able to try out a couple of teachers for free before I chose one for full immersion. Greatly enjoying the experience!

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