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‘Online Learning’ Industry is Almost Monopolised By ‘THE BIGGIES’

In this article we will tell you about best technology certifications online.

A survey analysis done years ago by the American Society for Training and Development projected that over 74% of US corporations(specially Technology based) will be trying out Web-based trainings in some form or the other.

Although approx. 65% of US universities are now offering some sort of web based courses but still the corporate world has really lived up to the projections of online learning growth. (It’s good but the projections were extra-ordinary)

The online education service providers are mushrooming over time and not all but few of them are quality service providers(customer feedback differentiates quality education from the dust) and growing bigger with time.

But there’s something interesting to observe out there. Most of the online learning providers, specially those who deal with technical training, educate/certify their prospective students with some popular and respectable certifications, backed by some of the biggest Technology companies in the world such Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe and few others.

There are many smaller technology companies providing valuable certifications but online educators seem uninterested regarding them. One of the clear reasons is ‘Demand & Supply’ rule. But such a trend also makes the ‘Technical online learning’ biased towards handful of Technology companies.

Although if we look at the same situation from industry’s weightage then such certifications hold the maximum strength (may be ‘The Biggies’ are Industry’s ‘Biggest Influencers’ as well).

The most popular technology certifications namely MCSE(Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) are among the favorites of online learning institutes.

One such online learning institute, KAlliance(already reviewed by us earlier) offers Cisco certification’s study material and CCNA Training DVD packages, which are taught by certified instructors who are experts in the IT field. The Cisco CCNA training course features a curriculum, designed to prepare their students for a career as a CCNA professional in the IT world. They also offer Microsoft certification material as well.

Anyways, the industry is influenced (and probable to remain so) by ‘The Biggies’ and so will be the ‘Online Education Industry’.

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