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Online Brand Awareness

This article will tell you about the top 5 ways to promote brand awareness online. Here are some of the important tips.

Top 5 ways to promote brand awareness onlineMost savvy marketers know now that the biggest impact they will have in promoting brand awareness will no longer be via television ads, magazine promotions or even on the radio, it will be online. Increasingly, there are more and more ways out there that marketing managers can work on promoting their brand online, but there are five tried and true tested ways that, as of now at least, are the most popular.

The first is to utilize the social networks. At this point in time, the technology is based such that sharing is the name of the game. Think of how you might find a brand, seeing it posted on your friends Facebook status, or noticing a re-tweet by a co-worker who loves it. This is the main place where you will be able to build a tribe who will end up following your brand and spreading the word.

Hand in hand with this is making sure that your online presence is solid. Have a unified approach to online marketing, make sure that not only your website is hip, slick and showcases your product or service well, integrate that same feeling into your Twitter stream and Facebook Fan Page. When a potential consumer sees everything the same across all spectrums, then you can be quite sure they will take notice of you.

A third way is of course via promotion itself. Make videos of your product or service and post those up, share them with various sites and blogs and even your consumers. Also work on crafting well positioned and timed guest posts on popular blogs that could open up your brand to a wide variety of customers.

Another way to get your brand to stand out online is to know how Google rankings work. This is important in ensuring your site gets to the top of page one where the vast majority of potential consumers will stay. Practice solid SEO, backlinking and blog commenting to give you a leg up against the competition.

Finally, the method that has worked in marketing for ages is to interact with consumers and be unique and authentic. No consumer wants to deal with a company that they feel is fake and unlikable. Throw your company out there, be bold and friendly, interact with consumers and show what makes your product or service really special.

This article has been written by Custard Media, a popular and well known digital media service provider. Located in Preston, SEO strategy is one of Custard Media’s premiere areas of expertise. For more information, please check their website.

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