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Facebook Problems with Chrome

problems with facebook on chrome browserThis article will tell you about problems with Facebook on Chrome browser. Here are the complete details about this problem.

If you have been using Chrome browser for a while and using Facebook as well then there are good chances that you may have experienced occasional issues while using Facebook through the Chrome browser.

While accessing Facebook, you might have come across any of the following issues but one must note here that these issues occur temporarily and occasionally.

They don’t always appear while using Facebook on Chrome browser but they surely do, at least for a significant chunk of Chrome users, as IE and Firefox have been reported to be doing just fine with Facebook when the Chrome browser slogged to do even the most basic stuff on Facebook.

Reported Issues:

  • Fail to login into Facebook: When you enter your username and password and hit ‘Enter’, Chrome browser just keeps on loading and keeps doing it, like forever.
  • Can’t post status or comment on Facebook: Facebook users are often facing problems with one of the most basic things that anyone does on Facebook,: pushing status updates and commenting on friend’s status updates. Not all but quantifiable Chrome users are coming across this problem
  • Facebook notifications bug: Facebook notifications, instead of showing up in a tab when clicked once, takes you straight to ‘all notifications’ page.
  • Facebook games doesn’t load
  • Facebook Messages section doesn’t load: When you want to check your ‘Messages’ section or want to write a message, Chrome doesn’t let you do it.
  • Facebook doesn’t let you upload multiple photos simultaneously
  • Facebook doesn’t load pictures: You click on some picture from your Facebook stream and it keeps loading forever.
  • Facebook Chat doesn’t work: You can’t do chat with friends on Facebook while on Chrome

The list of reported issues cover almost every activity that one may do on Facebook.

Causes & Possible Solution:

  • Delete browser cache and cookies: This is one of the most common reasons why you are facing any of the above issues while using Facebook on Chrome browser. Just delete your browser cache and cookies in ‘Options’ of your Chrome browser and restart the browser afterwards.
  • Issues with Shockwave Flash: Facebook Games, if giving issues on Chrome browser could be due to Shockwave Flash, that might be crashing out while loading up games. Chrome browser comes with built-in flash support so you can’t do much about it any further. Flash is already so much popular with its ‘Crashing’ behaviour that Apple devices(iPhone, iPad) don’t support Flash at all. But there’s still some hope left. Google Chrome team is aware of such crashes and is working towards fixing it in upcoming Chrome version updates.
  • Issues with Java Plugin: There is a good possibility that your Java plugin is the real culprit. For confirming , try reinstalling the Java plug-in. Alternatively, you can also go to Start > Control Panel > Java > Advanced. Click Default Java for browsers, and select the “Mozilla family” check box. This particular setting is set as default in Windows 7.


  1. Matt Falcon

    March 30, 2011 at 11:40 am

    From what I see with FB on Chrome, many of these issues can be traced back to Facebook’s unusual way of loading pages, its “all-AJAX” system. Often, the page URL may change, but the page’s content stays stuck, like nothing was clicked. So the AJAX system hits a bump, gets an error that wasn’t caught by the code, and keeps on (not) going, blissfully unaware.

    The issue is definitely a known one, at least by Chrome users:

    The problems like “can’t post status” or “notifications don’t load”, or “can’t load messages”, are all related to this issue… often, if you just click the same thing again, it’ll load. It’s quite a frustrating issue, for sure.

    Solution? Click the URL and hit Enter (don’t just try hitting refresh). Bam, problem solved, at least for the moment.

  2. Daniel

    April 16, 2011 at 2:55 pm

    Thanks, deleting the history, cache, and cookies worked for me.

    Running Firefox 4.0

  3. Tiago

    May 4, 2011 at 1:49 am

    “Thanks, deleting the history, cache, and cookies worked for me”

    worked for me 2.. but only for a short time.. after a click or two it starts all over again..

    running Chrome 11.0.696.57 + Mac OS X 10.6.7

  4. fred bugle

    June 1, 2011 at 11:16 am

    Mine has been doing:
    Not letting me type in the box to update my status
    Videos people post wont load/ wont do nothing when i click it
    Notifications tab dont come down, it takes you to the notifactions for the week page
    Peoples pictures wont load in their albums when i click next, it will stay at the first picture i click on

    It has also been doing it on FF but not on IE. All versions of the browsers are up to date. I tryed deleting the history, cache, and cookies and it fixed the problem with not being able to post, but not the rest. any ideas?

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