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Internet Explorer 9 and Facebook Issues

Technical issues are creating a problems for the Facebook and Internet explorer users. Internet explorer 9 and Facebook issues are discussed. 

The Way Of Functionality of Adobe Flash on Internet Explorer 9

This is a great concern of several users as they have not found good Adobe Flash support in current Internet Explorer 9 version and thus, the adobe flash functionality has become a big Facebook problem as of now. Due to the bad functionality of Adobe Flash, users are not able to play videos or play games on Facebook and to sort out this issue, the best alternative is to install current released version of flash player which is

Internet Explorer 9

Games problems in Facebook

Many Facebook users love playing several games available on website and thus, they desire for required support for games by browser. Unfortunately, in Internet Explorer 9, users will face game problems due to its choppy graphics. In popular games such as Farmville and mafia wars, many features do not work often. In case, you are a fan of Bejeweled Bitz, then you will surely disappoint with Internet Explorer 9 as skip frames dramatically affect entire game. However, the solution for this issue has discovered which are as below:

  1. First of all, go on option for internet.
  2. There is a security settings option where you should click on.
  3. Then click on the Custom Level option
  4. Go down for all settings.
  5. At the bottom of the page, there is a Display Mixed Mode Content option, enable it by clicking on it.
  6. There is an option which says “Enable XSS Filter”, click on disable button.
  7. Then click on Ok to apply the setting.
  8. Again start Internet Explorer 9.

These steps will improve the functionality of games and therefore, you can enjoy your favorite Facebook games anytime as you want.

Problem in uploading or viewing videos

People love to share their favorite or interesting videos on Facebook and at the same time, they love to watch any uploaded Facebook video as well. This is a common function being used by numerous users as of now. But, users who are using Internet Explorer 9 are facing difficulty in this function. Many people have complained that they are not able to upload or view videos on Facebook while using Internet Explorer 9. So, if you have also faced similar issue, then follow the solution we have brought up here.

Facebook problems in Internet Explorer 9

To sort this issue out, firstly you should ensure about the security settings as it should not be that high to allow videos to play. While launching IE, you should check that it should be free of add-ons because it can create several issues.

  1. To eradicate this issue, first go to start.
  2. In search option, type Internet Explorer where you will find an option saying No-add ons.
  3. Choose on that option and then check out Facebook videos. Most probably, this time, you will be able to see videos.

In this way, all these are some problems associated with current internet explorer version and we have also found out required solution to solve this issue. Therefore, use it and enjoy Facebook even on Internet Explorer 9.

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