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May Flashback : Best of TechPluto

These all are the articles(may 2009 articles)which were published within may 2009. Take a look at these articles.

Month of May is over and hence we have just listed all those posts that kept readers busy at TechPluto all this month. Take a look and see if you missed out any of the useful piece of information we covered..If yes, then don’t let it go this time …!

‘Mobile Broadband’ : A “Luxury Turned Necessity”

A decade ago, Mobile phones were considered more of a ‘luxury’ than ‘requirement’ and it didn’t take much time for the entire equation to change. Today, Mobile phones have become a basic necessity for everybody. Same scenario holds for ‘Internet’, which has now…

Scopial Empowers ‘Community’ To Decide ‘What Goes Into Production’

If you’re a creative guy and looking for the RIGHT place for keeping your creative skills busy then Scopial is made for you. It’s a website that provides a platform for creative folks…

“Virtual Classrooms” : Effective & Economical Way of learning on Web

We have already covered some of those websites that have been performing really well in the emerging field of e-learning 2.0. Another form of ‘New age e-learning’ that’s getting a lot of attention is ‘Virtual Classroom…

11 Twitter Apps You Shouldn’t Dare Miss Out

Twitter(or Twiter if you spell it that way) seems ubiquitous now. It appears that everybody is on Twitter(Twiter) and those who aren’t there already

Twitter Scam On The Swing : Just Stay Away From Twittercut

It’s pretty enticing for a twitter user if somebody whom you follow tweets “OMG I just got over 1000 followers today from Twittercut [link]”. That’s exactly

Phishing Scams, Site Blockage, Trademark Disputes & Lots of Money…All That Happening With Facebook

Facebook (or Facbook, as you may spell it), the popular social network most of us are addicted to, is juggling with a lot of troubles these days

“WolframAlpha” Is Incredible. Undoubtedly “THE NEXT BIG THING”

It may sound a little biased(it’s really not) but i couldn’t be convinced more with a web service called ‘WolframAlpha‘. I simply can’t stop

A Candid Interview With A Young Problogger

I recently came across one such guy on Twitter who appeared a kid with his profile pic but had a decent stint with blogging which couldn’t be easily ignored.

Vendio Helps You Become A Smart Product Seller On Web

Vendio is a web service that enables online sellers to set up their own online stores and sell their products on their self-owned websites. It also empowers

BlogertizeWorld : Is That Really Profitable For Bloggers ?

BlogertizeWorld is a startup that might remind you of MillionDollarHomepage, a concept that came out of nothing still made its way to a Million Dollars for

7 Reasons To Be “‘Google Friend Connect”ed !

By now, you might have already heard a lot about Google Friend Connect(GFC) (From now on, TechPluto is also a GFC enabled site).

Does Wesley’s Google Toolbar Invade Your Privacy ? Not Really…

It was developed by Wesley Chan, who was honored with Google Founders Award for his excellent work.  But it’s also one of those tools powered by Google that’s has faced a

Stay Alert ! Lock Your WP Blog Before Its Hack

Although blog publishing platforms(both Free and Self-hosted) are plenty to choose from but WordPress, the Open source blogging platform has simply

Fireup vs Complore…Which One Can Help You Catch the ‘CAT’ !

If you belong to India and preparing (or have plans to prepare) for CAT entrance exam, one of the toughest MBA examinations

Orkut Reacts To User Troubles. Stops Suppressing Links

Orkut(or, if you spell it that way), a popular social network, with major audience belonging to Brazil and India had taken some ‘trouble causing initiatives‘ to reduce…

Attention Startups ! “Launch:Silicon Valley” is Back…

The 2009 edition of Launch: Silicon Valley, a product launch platform for web startups looking to get into the eyes of VCs and Angels

Stop Wasting Time Digging The Web.Try ‘OutWit’ !

There’s a high utility web service in the form of Firefox Add-on called OutWit, which saves your time while browsing the web for any possible stuff

Most Misspelled Social Network : “Frienster”

There’s something interesting that i came across yesterday while having a quick chat with a guy, who was asking me about popular social networks

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