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Does Wesley’s Google Toolbar Invade Your Privacy ? Not Really…

In this article we will tell you about google toolbar advanced features. Google Toolbar is a web tool that gets installed within your web browser.

Google toolbar gives you an easier way to search ‘keywords’ on GoogleIt was developed by Wesley Chan, who was honored with Google Founders Award for his excellent work.

But it’s also one of those tools powered by Google that’s has faced a decent amount of skepticism on ‘Privacy Invasion’ grounds since its launch. Google has always clarified on its part that there’s no ‘Privacy Invasion’ caused by installing Google Toolbar on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and other browsers.


So, we just researched  a bit to find out the actual reality behind this skepticism.

Here’s the reality byte :  To be factual, Google Toolbar does not track somebody’s surfing behaviour who just installs it with no more customization. If the user enables some advanced features such as displaying ‘Google Pagerank’ of any website that’s visited by the user, only then the tracking starts automatically. And there’s a valid reason for it as well.

If Google has to evaluate and present a ‘Pagerank’ assigned to a particular website visited by the user, Google has to know about the website you opened up in your web browser. Hence with ‘Pagerank bar’ enabled through Google Toolbar settings, Google Toolbar allows Google to track all those websites you pay a visit to.

Hence, whether you’re being tracked by Google or not depends more on your own self. If you don’t want your surfing activities to be tracked by Google, do not enable advanced features provided in Google Toolbar.

We reckon, it’s unjustified if Google faces a blame of tracking the surfing behaviour of users, just because it’s a result of an action from the end user.

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