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Vendio Helps Merchants Become a Smart e-Seller

In this article we will tell you about online product store vendio. Vendio is a web service that enables online sellers to set up their own online stores.

Note: This review is part of an ongoing Startup Fest 2011

vendioWith Internet Industry booming at an all time high and more consumers turning to Online e-stores than actual retail stores, no conventional offline business is sticking to age old business practices and trying mighty hard to secure a place in fast evolving e-commerce business.

Small merchants are also looking to score on e-commerce by establishing their presence over the web through their own merchant website with essential stuff embedded in it.

But operating like an e-store is still a hurdle that most merchants are afraid of. That’s where Vendio comes into act and handholds a merchant into running an e-store without any hassle.

Vendio is a web service that enables online sellers, set up their own online stores and sell their products on their self-owned websites. It also empowers the sellers to sell their products on auction sites such as eBay and Amazon, with much lesser things to care about.

The moment you sign up for Vendio, you go through a step-by-step procedure for setting up your store on your own domain or eBay/Amazon. Further, it offers many ‘store templates’ to choose from. If your priority is to set up a product store on your own domain then you will be given enough template options to let you find the one that will suit your website. Then, you simply have to upload images, description and all the related stuff, that’s required to get your online store up and ready for selling.


After going through this web service, we must admit that we loved the way one sets up the store (damn easy to do it !), specially for hosting the store on seller’s own domain. It also takes a lot of hassles off your shoulders (ask an eBay Power seller and he/she will tell you the hassles of managing loads of auctions on multiple products).

Anyways, if you’re an eBay/Amazon seller or somebody who has some plans to open up an online store then this web service will do a decent job for you. You can start using the service for FREE (Basic plan) so nothing to risk at all.

Company Profile: Vendio

Vendio, a fast paced, matrix oriented startup, is the top provider of e-commerce and online auction services, offers all of the tools needed for online sales. The company’s auction management tools, which can be used with the free hosted store, makes it possible to share inventory across multiple sales platforms.

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