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What Is Virtual Classroom?

Virtual classroom is a method where the learner attends a virtual classroom remotely on his/her computer terminal, taught by the instructor using Internet.

We have already covered some of those websites that have been performing really well in the emerging field of e-learning 2.0. Another form of ‘New age e-learning’ that’s getting a lot of attention is ‘Virtual Classroom learning’. What is virtual classroom?

In brief, Virtual Classroom learning is an evolving way of learning where the learner attends LIVE lectures remotely on his/her computer terminal, given by the subject matter experts or instructors at other end, using Internet as the medium between the learner and instructor. As lectures are given LIVE on internet, the student gets to have the opportunity of asking his/her queries to the instructor at any instant.

Most of the distance learning degree and training courses heavily rely on the concept of ‘Virtual Classroom’. As the learner is no more required to attend the lectures/sessions in person, this new method of learning helps keeping the lecture costs much lower than conventional classroom teaching without compromising on the quality of learning. This makes Distance learning much affordable compared to regular training courses.

There are plenty of IT training service providers on web that facilitate Virtual Classrooms. For instance, ‘Countrywide Training’ provides Virtual instructor-led training and a whole bunch of IT traininig & certification courses, in various disciplines such as Cisco, Oracle, UNIX, Microsoft, Wireless, Security, A+ certification and many others.

The courses are good enough for anybody who wants IT certifications or virtual classroom teaching from subject experts.

In the end, we can assume that the concept of ‘Virtual Classroom’ is truely the way towards ‘Global learning’ on web.

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