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Can e-learning be a Good Replacement For Conventional “Boot Camps” ?

server-managementIn this article we will tell you about IT boot camp benefits. IT boot camps have been proven to be the most effective way of learning technical things.

We keep writing about ‘e-learning industry’ every now and then. Once, we covered frontrunners of e-learning 2.0 , and also covered e-learning oriented startups such as Myngle, Ziizoo and Teachmate. We have also described the current scenario of Monopolised Online learning industry(especially when it comes to certifications).

But if there are plenty of positives then there has to be some limitations of Online learning as well. One such limitation is the ‘time duration’ that it takes for a learner to grip over the concepts taught online.

Sometimes, it takes months for slow learners to get through online certifications, which are usually taught in a timespan of only couple of weeks. Another limitation of learning remotely is that it doesn’t prove to be a great approach when ‘hardware learning and operations’ are a substantial part of the course or certification involved.

In any of such possible cases, its better to opt for ‘regular education’ over ‘e-education’. In case of IT training and certifications, especially those where ‘hardware training’ plays the most significant role, rigorous IT boot camps have been proven to be the most effective way of learning technical things, in a quick & fast paced mode.

Such boot camps are agressive in approach(your study continues for really long sessions) but the output will make you feel satisfied for the time and efforts you invest into such camps.

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