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Teachmate : A place where currency to learn is ‘Knowledge’

Teachmate is a service that maps you with a mate on the basis of geographical location and the ‘skill’ you want to learn(and that same ‘skill’ the mate can teach)

So you want to learn something…and not just physics or statistics but things like guitar,salsa,cooking or anything else but you also don’t want to spend even a penny over it…then ?

Try Teachmate ! It’s a non-profit service that maps you with another mate registered on their website on the basis of your geographical location and the ‘skill’ you want to learn(and that same ‘skill’ the mate can teach).

But as you’re not willing to spend(and that’s what this service wants you to),you have to teach something that you are good at(and that same ‘skill’ your mate is looking for).

According to Techmate’s founder,Roman Snitko

“One may think of it as of a dating service in education. We are also very fond of the idea of teaching for teaching: you can find people who’d love to teach you something in return for you teaching him another thing”

So,the essence of this service is simple : Whoever teaches,learns…

You need to teach some skill your mate is looking for to learn your wishful skill from the mate…and you will be mapped strictly on the basis of geographical location(particular city).The website doesn’t equip you with any online tools to let you exchange your skills with your mate.It just maps you and rest is up to you and your mate.

Although,there’s a provision to mention if you strictly want to be paid but the essence of this service endorses the concept of “Knowledge Exchange” with no money involved.

As this service has launched just a few days back(Oct. 17),the database isn’t dense enough(will grow with time) at the moment but the service is neatly implemented.However,due to lack of any online tools for ‘knowledge sharing’,the site can’t do more than just mapping the two unknown mates.

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