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Fireup vs Complore…Which One Can Help You Catch the ‘CAT’ !

Free CAT test contentWe have two websites, Fireup and Complore, which contain free CAT test content. The complete details about both of them is given below.

If you belong to India and preparing (or have plans to prepare) for CAT entrance exam, one of the toughest MBA examinations to crack then we have some good stuff for you.

Today, we have two websites, both of which want to help you take CAT exams with the strongest preparation possible.  One of them is Fireup and the other one is Complore. Take a look at their offering one by one in brief.


Free CAT test contentThis website provides free CAT preparation material to its users,not visitors(you have to register for content access). It also offers coaching material, Mock tests and study CD/DVDs at some justified cost. We can’t really comment on the quality of the content but our notion is that the content(especially the one that’s paid) will be of Good quality.

The free material isn’t too abundant(more like a bait) and therefore provokes you(if you’re the CAT aspirant) to ask for more. From analytical point of view, the site looks well ideated and the business model & basic strategies seem to be in place.


Free CAT test contentIt’s a totally FREE information resource for CAT aspirants where you don’t need to sign up for the access to their content. Be it the online tests, sample papers or general content available on the site, everything is free to access. Again, ‘content quality’ can’t be commented by us but it seems the content will be of medium quality, still fine for CAT freaks to gulp.

That’s commendable that their mass of users(15,000 registered users, 50,000 monthly users and 300 daily test takers) enable them to calculate the test taker’s estimated percentile score, which is a critical criteria in self-evaluation of the aspirant.

Fireup vs Complore

Both the websites might seem a lot similar but their approach is much different. Fireup scores high in shaping their website for building a sustaining & profitable business out of their offering while Complore seems better in serving things ‘Hot'(No sign-ups, although Sign-ups help you build a targeted userbase, which can further be re-used anytime later for product promotions and other stuff).

Complore(Bootstrapped) seems a little casual in front of Fireup(the seed investment is VC funded, around $50k ) but an already engaged audience is a big plus for Complore.

Which one is better !

As a CAT aspirant, both the websites serve the purpose. The onus is on the end user to choose any one of them or ping-pong between the two.

Note : There are many other(much popular) CAT prep. websites out there but we have compared/featured the above two websites because of their review request with appropriate details.

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