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How to Convert VHS to DVD

This article will tell you how to convert VHS to DVD. The complete process of converting VHS to DVD is explained below.

The VHS or the video home system is a consumer oriented recording video tape. Video recording is a contributor to the television industry and has channelized in producing great demand over decades. People have generally accepted and appreciated it as a former entertainment source of media. It has done very well and no doubt is doing very well with advanced features. The technological innovations have to be given a salute for the achievements it has so showcased. The demand and supply of this electronic device has been of umpteen importance.


how to convert vhs to dvd


Video recording is a major source of contribution and importance for individual that base it on personal entertainment or even for the film industry it has come of great use. The success of stars today, great important people are all due this creative electronic device which has been a boon to the media over the years.

Everyone can become a celebrity because of the VHS in our lives today, as now social media; the internet is of great significance to social life. People create an air of sharing and knowing through this way. So in the modern world we have more advanced VHS devices that suit our purpose.

DVD is an optical storage format device that stores videos, songs, data, presentations, etc. And it is helpful to keep the data safe without. DVDs are consumer oriented, when video recording is generally done, the work is stored in the DVD for either personal entertainment or for showcasing purposes. Nowadays the movies in the theatres are now being broadcasted on DVDs and being sold on a large basis. There is a big business with sales of DVD’s to consumers.

Generally nowadays VHS is being converted to DVDs more often. One certain reason for that is VHS and VCRs are becoming backdated and if there is any footage or anything that you want to preserve DVDs play the role of preserving. Another concern is damage. Videos stored in VHS format do not last long and that is a matter of concern, whereas the DVDs last longer and people can enjoy the videos for longer periods of time. This is why DVD has been given so much of importance.

Though both VHS and DVD are popular forms of videos, the modern video devices play the DVDs better than the VHS videos. Therefore, they often need to convert the VHS videos into dvd formats which is indeed a technical thing. The users are seldom unaware of this technical thing so the following steps can be helpful for them to make the usual conversions.  Knowledge of these simple steps can be helpful for them a lot.

  • By using a combination unit that is a DVD/VHS machine, one may be able to easily transfer data from a VHS tape to a DVD.
  • A video camera can also be used to convert a VHS tape to a DVD by hooking the VCR to the camera using the red, white or yellow cables.
  • Nowadays with this advanced technology known as the computer it has made life much easier to convert a VHS data into a format that the computer can recognize and then to transfer into a DVD
  • DVD burners can be hooked up right to a Video Cassette Recorder or VCR to transfer the data from a VHS to a DVD. However, the uses of VCRs are reducing these days as modern devices are used more in frequency.
  • There are many conversion services that help do the trick of converting VHS data into DVDs, if one does not want to handle wires and buttons. Sites like Home Movie Depot and APM studio will make the needed transfer.


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