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A Technical Perspective At “Telecom & Industrial Computing Industry”

AMC cards are a kind of PCBs which have been designed for ever-growing needs. This article will tell you about advancedmc advancedtca description.

Most of the industrial sectors have their own alliance or consortium, that promotes collaborative research, fast evolution and Standardization. PICMG performs a similar role for the “Telecom. and Industrial computing industry”.

PICMG(PCI Industrial Computers Manufacturers Group) is basically a consortium of over 240 companies(majorly OEMs) across the globe who work together, for the sole purpose of offering standard specifications to equipment vendors , thereby minimizing costs, increasing availability and  reducing overall time to market.

PICMG standardizes various technical specifications, one of which is strictly followed by AdvancedMC Cards. AMC(AdvancedMC) cards are a kind of PCBs(Printed Circuit Boards) which have been designed to cater to the ever-growing needs of “Carrier grade” communications equipment. Officially, the specification designation is AMC.x (where ‘x’ ranges from 0 to 4).

As its an advisable practice for any manufacturer to come up with mulitple variants of the hardware being produced, there are four different connector types available on the carrier card. They are as follows:

Connector Type: B

One module card that uses only half the available pins, 1-85

Connector Type: B+

One module card that uses only all the available pins, 1-170

Connector Type: AB

Two adjacent module cards, both of which using only half the available pins, 1-85

Connector Type: A+B+

One module card that uses only half the available pins, 1-85

When an AMC connector is plugged in, the order with which various traces of AdvancedMC connector become active, if known precisely, can facilitate Hot Swapping(component replacement without interrupting the regular functioning of the system).

AdvancedMC is often used in conjunction with AdvancedTCA. AdvancedTCA (Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture) is a carrier grade backplane and interconnect specification created by PICMG. It has been defined under the PICMG 3.x standards. In general, AMC Card attaches onto an AdvancedTCA card(relatively bigger).

Components such as AdvancedMC and AdvancedTCA are actually the building blocks of an SBC(Single Board Computer). An SBC is an entire computer built on a single circuit board. Manufacturers such as Kontron manufactures Embedded Computer Technology and supplies OEMs and System integrators with hardware components such as PC/104 SBC and other peripherals.

Overall, this industry appears fast evolving & competitive with innovations happening every single moment. It also means that market won’t give a second chance to any company that doesn’t keep up with the Demand and Supply.

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