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USB Mass Storage Device Access is Denied

Common problems with Win-USB is the ‘access is denied’ error message. Get tips on solution for USB mass storage device access is denied error.

The most common problem while using USB Mass Storage Device

The advent of technology in today’s contemporary era permits us to synchronize almost every gadget with a PC thus enabling data transfer, ranging from songs to photos in an extremely hassle-free manner irrespective of where we are. One of the most common problem that many users face is that the one they come across while trying to safely eject the USB devices.  Most often than not, many of us, while trying to safely eject the USB Mass Storage device, notice a message reading “Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device” that pops-up on our computer screens.

When an external device is being used or connected to the computer, it is extremely important and necessary to safely and appropriately eject the device in order to ensure that no damages are cause to either the computer or the USB device. Quite often, problems exist with the windows operating system and these eventually result in troubles while using external devices like the USB mass storage devices with the computer while trying to eject such external devices from the computer.

Solutions to handle the problem

However, there is no need to worry much when faced with the above stated problem while using USB mass storage devices with computers.  There are a number of solutions that can be used to handle this problem.

The first thing that needs to be considered when faced with the above problem with USB devices is to check for software that can aide with the specific needs.  The next thing would be to go in for an Unlocker program.  Unlocker program is a very vital component that is helpful for specific IT related issues like to eject a USB mass storage device.  Unlocker helps in handling this particular problems that is common while using USB device or any kind of external device for data transfer in the manner that, the Unlocker program frees all types of files and folders that are in use by the various programs on the computer.

usb mass storage device access is denied

Quite often, when trying to delete a particular program, a message pops-up on the computer screen which reads “access denied destination may be in use”.  When faced with these kind of problems or when the above stated and many other similar prompts are noticed on the computer screen, Unlocker program can be of real help as the program would help free the specific program and eventually allows the user to safely and successfully eject the USB mass storage device.

The Access denied error messages may be more commonly encountered on Windows 2003 or 2000 severs.  This happens specifically while accessing folders which are located on the NTFS system volume. This error message pops up on the computer screen, even when the user has the required permission to access the NTFS system volume.  When a user is trying to access a file which basically has been encrypted by a different user, an error message pops-up on the screen reading “Access Denied”. In such situation, only the user who had formerly encrypted the file can decrypt the same. Alternatively, recovery agent can be of some help in these situations.

Hope this article about USB Mass Access Storage Denied helped you.

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