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Scopial Empowers ‘Community’ To Decide ‘What Goes Into Production’

Scopial provides a platform for creative folks such as fashion designers to submit designs and win money prizes. Find the complete details below.

If you’re a creative guy and looking for the RIGHT place for keeping your creative skills busy then Scopial is made for you. It’s a website that provides a platform for creative folks such as fashion designers (both amateur or professional) and random artists to show off their skills and win money prizes and a lot of  recognition.

The decision of the winning design is collectively taken by the Scopial community after rating various designs on a scale of 1 to 5. Every fortnight, the highest rated design is chosen and awarded with a prize money of $400 (Rs.20, 000). Further, the winning design goes into mass production and made available for purchase. Folks who love wearing funky T-shirts can get the T-shirt delivered to their doorstep by placing an order on the website itself. With stylish designs and decent product quality, the tees are well justified for only $7 (Rs.350).

As Scobial got an official launch in December last year, the community is still to get populated to a great extent as it usually takes time for any niche community to build and flourish. The designs portrayed in Scopial’s spotlight are cool & funky. (I am sporting one of the designs…the leftmost pic)

The concept doesn’t appear that novel as we have already reviewed similar startups such as InkFruit and Springleap, doing very much the same stuff but the actual task for Scopial is to create a stronger and larger niche community that loves wearing funky T-shirts because that community will serve a dual purpose, both ‘voting’ and ‘buying’ for Scopial.

For engaging creative souls and buyers, team behind Scopial can possibly build some Twitter based website/application that uses scopial designs to let Twitter users create a customizable background for their profiles (with a small mention of Scopial within the background). This way, a huge community on Twitter will start endorsing Scopial designs. From there, Scopial should be smart enough to squeeze out a huge following.

The UI is neatly done but when it comes to ‘presenting’, Scopial can take a lot of inspiration from Springleap (I just loved their unique sense of presentation)

Overall, it’s a good deal for designers as well as stylish folks. Go try it !

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