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BlogertizeWorld : Is That Really Profitable For Bloggers ?

million-dollar-homepageBlogertizeWorld urges bloggers to buy pixel space for a period of 3 years for different price tags, depending upon the pixel space purchased.

BlogertizeWorld is a startup that might remind you of MillionDollarHomepage, a concept that came out of nothing still made its way to a Million Dollars for the founder in no time. BlogertizeWorld urges bloggers to buy pixel space for a period of 3 years for different price tags, depending upon the pixel space purchased. The price tag ranges from $15 to $150 and the pixel space ranges from 2000 to 8000 pixels.

Of course, there are a few things that are unique about BlogertizeWorld, such as its approach towards bloggers and only bloggers, few other features to attract visitors to the site such as podcast service,quizzes, shopping portal and some more stuff.

To be frank, from a business point of view, folks behind BlogertizeWorld have done a fine job in spreading the word and getting big media entities speak about their venture but the ‘million dollar question’ is does it really live up to the expectations that it raises for the bloggers….We doubt it does !

BlogertizeWorld sells the adspace for a period of 3 years but can a blogger expect a consistent traffic from Blogertizeworld for 3 years ? Sorry. Fancy concepts such as BlogertizeWorld rely more on media attention and the buzz they create around. The problem with it is that the buzz is instantaneous, that is, it peaks first and then dies down after a while. We reckon the traffic to BlogertizeWorld will not be sustainable in the long run simply because there aren’t enough reasons to bring visitors to the website.


The concept revolves so much around monetization that the features to bring a whole lot of visitors to the site appear forgotten(Look at this page and figure out the reasons to keep staring at it for even 10 secs). Although, the buzz that they created fetched them some decent returns so far and i believe that they might even make their startup more successful than their probable inspiration ‘Milliondollarhomepage’ but i seriously doubt the returns promised to the bloggers.

They also promise to share their profits with the Bloggers who will buy their adspace, from the second year onwards but this makes us even more skeptic about BlogertizeWorld.

Anyways, i can’t stop myself from praising the PR guys at BlogertizeWorld, who’ve managed to get the word out in quite effective manner so far. I just hope the participating bloggers get their expectations fulfilled.

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