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How to change product key in Windows 8 ?

This article will guide you through different steps to how to change product key in Windows 8. Here’s how you could do it.

Changing product key in Windows 8 has been a big headache to the users as there is no direct procedure or application for the same. After you’ve installed Windows 8 on your computer, you will realize that there is no direct way in the computer properties to enter the product key. At Least, I couldn’t find it. So what to do now ?

Well, command prompt and slmgr.vbs tools does it all for you. Lets see how to do it.

How to change Product key in Windows 8 ?

Method 1

1. Press Windows key + C ( or move the mouse to extreme top right corner ) to invoke the charm bar.

2. Now Click on ‘Search’ option.

3. In the search field, type ‘Command Prompt’.

4. Right Click on the Command prompt icon and from the charm bar below, choose ‘Run as administrator’.

5. Type the following commands in the command prompt :

slmgr.vbs -ipk { insert your original product key here without braces}

6. Once you’ve entered your product key, run the following command to activate it :

slmgr.vbs -ato

7. You will get a confirmation message once your product key has been activated successfully.

Method 2

1. Press Windows key +R to open Run dialog box.

2. In the dialog box, type Slui 4 and hit enter.

3. Windows Activation will pop up on your screen.

4. Select your country from the drop down menu and follow the instructions.

* Make sure you are connected to the internet while performing this task.

Method 3

1. On the desktop mode, right click on the extreme left corner and select ‘System’.

2. On the system Window, choose ‘View details in Window Activation’.

3. On the Activation window, choose ‘Activate with a new key’.

4. Enter the new key and you’re done.

Also, you can click on ‘Add features to your edition’ to add more features to your Windows 8.

*Make sure you’re connected to the Internet.

That’s it. You’ve successfully activated your Windows 8 Product key. So now that you’ve activated your Windows 8, what do you plan to do next ?

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