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How to disable Password in Windows 8 after sleep?

In this tutorial we will guide you how to disable password in Windows 8 after sleep. Just follow the given steps:

Every time you wake up your Laptop/Desktop from sleep, it requires a Password before you can get back to the work. It might become sometimes annoying entering your Password n number of times but it is meant to be like that to protect user against external threat or from someone logging onto your account, say if you are on a network. While you will be following the steps below to disable Password for sleep, you would see that even Windows itself don’t recommend it and neither do we.

A Password protected account is way more secure than a Password disabled one, yet some people choose to disable Password. So can you. Here’s how to do it (this will disable password only for sleep mode and not for when you are logging in ) :-

1. Move the cursor towards the upper right corner/bottom right corner and click on Search.

2. Click on the Apps and then type ‘Control panel’ in the Search box.

3. Open the Control panel and click on System and Security.

4. In the System and Security Menu, Click on the ‘Power Options’.

5. A Power Options window will appear.On the left side of the window, click ‘Require a password on wakeup’.

6. Now a power setting window will open up.Click on ‘Change settings that are currently unavailable’.

7. You can now disable Password mode by clicking on ‘Don’t require password’ option in the same window below.

8. Click on ‘Save Changes’ and you’re done.

9. Close the control panel,put the Laptop/Desktop to sleep and wake it up. This time you don’t require a password.

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