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Windows 8 Security issues ?

This article list some Windows 8 security issues and how Windows 8 deals them.

Microsoft claims that Windows 8 is the most secured operating system they have built so far. But this did not stop some hacking geeks from finding ways to get in. Microsoft has spent good time in building Windows 8, yet they have left some doors open for hackers.
This could possibly a major concern for Microsoft.

Just before a day Microsoft officially launched its Windows 8, Vupen declared that they have found a way to rule systems running Windows 8 and users with IE 10. Vupen is hacking firm which is considered to be a threat to big software companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, Apple, Adobe and more, as they are known best for finding the flaws and selling them. Vupen has a rule of informing about the flaws to the owner first, and then sit back and wait for an action to be taken within 30 days before they disclose it.

Recently, Vupen tweeted that  they have found vulnerability with Windows 8 and IE10. Also, some safety companies don’t really seem to be impressed with Windows 8 security.

Though, Gerry Egan, senior director at Norton said he does find the new file scanning feature and Anti-malware protection raising the security bar.
Lets have a look at some security issues and how Windows 8 deals them.

Spear Phishing

It is a form of attack caused through email. Any hacker who want to gain access into your system will send you an email with an infected attachment. This will look neat and clean to the user, but the file will infect your system once your have downloaded it. The attachment usually contains a virus or a trojan horse which sets the path of access for the hacker.

Windows 8 prevent this attack through Windows Defender. It is a complete antivirus protection with malware protection on. Windows 8 users get Windows defender installed by default. Also, it is available for other versions of Windows. If you’ve installed an antivirus on your system yet, this could be a good choice.

Out-of-date Systems

Sometimes you might want to take your laptop to work. This is surely is a good idea and may benefit you, but it can threaten the security of your work network, if you’re device is not up to date. Out-of-date systems are more easy to attack. One way to deal with it is through creating a list of approved systems and programs.

Windows 8 has this software called Applocker which allows the same. With applocker, you can create either a ‘whitelist(allow)’or a ‘blacklist (not allowed)’  of apps and programs user can download on a computers over company’s network.

Threat on Windows 7, Defect on Windows 8

If you’re installing Windows 8 on system with windows 7 already installed on it, then you must know that windows 8 forms a backward compatibility with windows 7.  This means, malicious and infected program in windows 7 will also now run on Windows 8. Hacker’s target the maximum number of users via malware attack, which not only works with earlier version of windows operating system, but also with Windows 8.

Cyber attacks

Fake antivirus and other infected programs are already on the role to wreck the newly born Windows 8 operating system.  Last week, Trend Micro Discovered a fake antivirus program name TROJ_FAKEAV.EHM. which displays the fake scanning results to attract users to buy it.

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