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How to customize windows 8 start screen?

Here’s the complete procedure explained in this article to how to customize windows 8 start screen.

Windows 8 is designed to lead a dual life. First is the Desktop mode, like a traditional one( with some minor changes), other is the Metro UI of the Start Screen which can be considered  as a major difference when comparing to Windows XP or Windows 7.

Single user and two different interface which can turnout to be a bit confusing for users. Additionally, the missing classic start menu button further leaves the user in quandary. It is surely going to be a tough time for newbies putting their hands on Windows 8. But there is a way to everything.

You cannot really get rid of the tile based Start screen, though you can customize it to reflect your own style. The Start Screen comes with a ‘tattoo’ based interface where you can apply your favourite one choosing from tattoos/themes given by default. It is built to enhance the look of the Start screen and nothing more.

Start Screen can be customize in various ways and we are going to represent some of them in this article. The customization journey start and ends in the PC Settings itself  and sometimes on the Start Screen.

Start Screen Theme : it is almost like changing the theme of the Start Screen and making it look more better and attractive. To add a tattoo/theme to Start Screen follow the steps below.

Press Windows key + C or Move the cursor towards extreme right corner to open Charm bar. Click on the Settings → Change PC Settings → Personalize.  In the Personalize Menu,  you can personalize your Lock Screen, Start Screen and Account Picture.

In the Lock Screen menu, you can change the picture to be displayed when the PC is locked. Also you can add the programs to be keep running in the locked mode.

In the Start Screen menu, you can modify the  background color of  screen and also choose a tattoo of your choice out of 25 available by default.

Account Picture menu allows you to change the picture of the current user account. You can either upload a pick from saved pictures or capture one and upload it. Same picture can also be put as the picture password.

Adding Favourites to Start Screen:-  Windows 8 Start Screen is nothing less then a shortcut bar. The ‘Pin to start’ feature in Windows 8 let you Pin your favourites directly to the Start Screen so that you don’t have to search for it every time.From a Word file to your favourite application, you can pin almost everything. It is quite similar as creating a shortcut on Desktop Screen.

You can anytime add or remove applications from the Start Screen with just a click. All you need to do is, Right Click on the application and click on the Pin to Start/ Unpin from Start to add/remove it from Start Screen. Also, you can  make the same application tile look smaller or larger on the Start Screen and move them with your cursor to adjust them.

Users can even pin icons from desktop to the Start Screen such as ( My Computers, Documents, Control panel, My Networks and More). This makes everything so easy to access.

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