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Installing Windows 8 In Windows 7 Through Virtualbox

This article is all about installing windows 8 in virtual box. All the steps are described completely in easy ways.

If you are fascinated by the latest windows version of Microsoft the Windows 8 and want to check it out without losing your current operating system windows 7, then definitely VirtualBox is a helpful tool that can do magic and by which you can see effectiveness of Windows 8 on your current Windows 7 easily. Install-Windows-8-On-VirtualBox

Our article is all about installing windows 8 in windows 7 through virtual box. All the steps are written in easy ways and we have described  the steps completely.

To install windows 8 in windows 7 operating system, first of all, you should check your PC’s complete configuration and here you need to determine that your PC should have strong hardware configuration.

In order to run two OS simultaneously, PC hardware should be powerful. In case, your PC is having RAM less than 2 GB, you should not try to this installation process.

 Now, let’s move to the very first step for virtual box configuration

To successfully configure virtual box, you should follow below mentioned steps carefully.

  • For installing virtualbox, you can visit this link and can download required package of virtualbox in your operating system. For downloading virtualbox you don’t need to pay anything as it is totally free and installation is quite simple similar to other software.
  • At the same time, you can download windows 8 ISO file consumer preview from and download it in your language.
  • For starting virtualbox creation, there you will see an option of “new”, click on that.
  • You will offer to give alias name. Then you can select the type of operating system.
  • Choose required RAM amount which you can distribute to your new virtual box. Now, go for making a new disk for start-up. There you would need a 20GB new disk for start up; then click on continue.
  • Create an allocated VDI and again click on continue.
  • Now you can finish this wizard and can configure your virtual box as well. A list of existing virtual box in your PC will appear, there you should click on your created box and then, you can click on option “Settings”.
  • Select option “Storage” and then select windows 8 ISO consumer preview file.
  • To power this virtual box, you should click on “go”.

Process for installing windows 8 in Windows 7

It is an easy process like we do while installing any other application in current OS. Here we have given some essential guidelines that will help you to install easily windows 8 in windows 7.

  •  To install Windows 8 in Windows 7, you should choose your preferred language, keyboard format and currency from previously downloaded windows 8 file and then, you can click on button “install now”.
  • Next, enter product key of windows 8
  • Select custom installation button and then select option for hard disc partition.

After partition selection, click on option “next” and then let the installation process run. While it is being installed, your PC will restart many times. It will take some time, so let it take its own time.

After completion of processing for installation, the new Windows 8 file will make your desktop ready for its first use. You will be asked for date, time or admin name. After proceeding with these options, you will be able to use Windows 8.

So, from now onwards whenever you will start your PC, you will see two options for operating systems and you can select any one out of the list.

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