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How To Install Free Games On Windows 8

If you are fond of games then learn here the simple ways to install free games on windows 8.

One of the things you miss on Windows 8 are the free games that was available on previous versions. Games like Soitaire or Minesweeper. Some of you may ridicule playing Solitaire now, when there are so many better games available. But there are many Solitaire buffs out there. So for all of you Solitaire buffs- there is nothing to worry about because there is solution for this problem.

In the previous versions of Windows you could add these games by adding feature applets. Windows 8 doesn’t allow adding or removing feature applet. Now you have to buy applets from the Windows store. Thankfully the games apps are free. To get to the store just click on the Shopping Bag tile on the Windows 8 start screen. In case the tile is not seen you can right click and select All Apps. Then just right click on it to pin it to your Windows 8 Start screen. And the store is ready.

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Obviously you will need an internet connection to download stuff from the store. You will also need a Windows Live Account to make purchases from the store even for free purchases. In case you have a hotmail account that should also suffice in place of Windows Live account. To make free purchases just go to the ‘Top Free ‘tile on the store and click on it. You can also search for the games you are looking for. When you are looking for free games or any other app from the store keep in mind some pointers.

  • There is usually an overview for each app. Go through them and make sure that is what you are looking for.
  • Most apps show their screen shots along with the overview. Browse through them too.
  • There is also a details screen which will tell you whether the game is compatible with your device.
  • And lastly go through the reviews posted by people who have already used the app. You will come to know about its performance.

Now click on the install option and the game will be downloaded onto your device. Once it is downloaded it will be installed. You can see the tile bearing the game’s name once it is installed.

If you are looking to play Solitaire or such classic games then just Click on the games tile. Install the game that you are looking for from the Xbox games App. Now click on the game that you want to play and the game installation will start from the store. If you cannot find it on the Xbox games tile then like described above look for it in the store.

When you are playing the classic games on Windows 8 remember that each game will allow you to choose the mode that you want to play it in. For instance, if it is the classic mode of Solitaire that you want to play then you should choose Klondike mode.

If you do not like this option then there is also the another option. If you have a CD or DVD with the then you can use them to install the games on to the device. Or you can download from websites that are allowed to distribute these games legally. You can also copy the games from an older device which has Windows 7 running on it. You will have to make a few changes however. Copy the Microsoft games folder from C:Program Files on windows 7 to C: Program Files on to Windows 8. Copy the CardGames.dll file from Windows 7 to each of the game subfolder like to the Solitare, FreeCell, Hearts etc subfolders. Use Microsoft Games Patcher to patch the games files so that they can pass the Windows Version check. Now your games are ready to run.

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