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How To Open Windows 8 Sidebar Charm Bar

If you are using windows 8 and want to use charm bar which is a tool bar present in every application then learn here  how to open windows 8 sidebar charm bar.

Charm bar was one of the new features that were introduced in Windows 8. It is like the universal toolbar and hence can be accessed from any application that you are working on. So, how to open windows 8 sidebar charm bar? These are some ways to open a Windows 8 charm:

  1. Drag the mouse to the right hand side corner top or bottom and it will just pop open. The top corner is usually preferred because of the presence of the Show Desktop in the bottom corner.
  2. Press the Windows and C key together and the same thing will happen.

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If you are using a device which has a touch screen then you should just swipe inwards from the inside of the top right corner.

Two bars appear. One is on the bottom left hand side and the other vertically on the right side. The bottom bar displays date and time along. Two icons showing the strength of battery and connectivity also appear on this bar.

The second bar or sidebar charm; which appears on the right hand side has five buttons and they are displayed top to bottom in this order-Search, Share, Start, Devices and Settings.

Search button performs the function it is supposed to perform. You can use it to search for any file or application or control panel settings. You will get the results in an instant. Use it also for searching within the metro apps. The shortcut key for this button is ‘Windows + Q’.

The Share button can be used for sharing any kind of information using mail or even social networks. But you can’t use it to share information to the desktop and that is a disadvantage since you cannot share links directly from the browser. Though, some metro apps have been granted exemption from this. The shortcut key is ‘Windows + H’.

Most people don’t know why a Start button is needed here but anyway it is there. It performs the action that a Start button performs on the Windows platform. Just press the Windows key. By pressing this key you can also go back to the previous app, if you are already in the Start Menu.

Next is the Devices button which will show all the devices which are connected to your computer. You can change their settings directly from here. The shortcut key for this device is ‘Windows + K’. Even wireless devices will be shown.

The last is the Settings button. You can adjust all your settings from here. It provides a direct link to the settings of Language, Brightness, Audio, Wifi, Power and Notifications. If you need to access the settings of more things then click on the link to More Settings. You can also change the settings for apps. The shortcut key for this is ‘Windows + I’.

If you want a shortcut to your Windows 8 sidebar charms bar then even that can be done. But you will have to install a standalone exe file first and it will do the rest. If needed the charm bar can also be disabled or enabled depending on the situation.How to open windows 8 sidebar charm bar

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