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How to get old start menu in Windows 8 ?

In this post we will tell you how to get old start menu in Windows 8. Just follow the simple steps:

Windows 8 has been in the topics of discussion very lately. Microsoft has done such a big transformation to the Windows after a very long time, taking it to a totally new and a different level. Remember the first time we started using Windows 7 which was not so different from its predecessor Windows Vista, which in turn wasn’t similar to previous version of Windows we have used down the line.

No doubt, Windows has been improving on its user interface which can be seen if you compare Windows XP and Windows 7, though they are almost same when we talk about the processing power. Windows 8 stands different here.

One big transformation to Windows 8 is the missing Start Menu which we used to have in earlier windows at the bottom left corner. It is not missing actually, it has been transformed.

If you move your cursor to the extreme bottom left corner, you would see a small Start box will pop up. Though it is not like the traditional one we used to have, neither it provides the same functionality but it cannot be an issue of concern.

Still, if you would like to have the old Start menu( like in Windows XP and 7) on your screen, you can install it using a third party applications which offers a Start Menu for free ( few charges a fee after trial period). Courtesy of three handy utilities namely ViStart, Classic Shell and Start menu 7. All of the three listed applications provide you with a similar old Start menu with the same functionality. Not only that, it also allows you to customize the Start Menu button.

Choose your favourite color, size it according to your need, and customize it the way you like it. Each of the utilities has its pros and cons. But all of them are helpful options  for those who don’t seem to work without Classic Start Menu. All you need to do is follow these steps:-

1. Download any one of three.( Vistart, Classic Shell, Start Menu 7).


 Classic shell:-

 Start menu 7:-

2. Install the application and you’re done.

Vistart is a freeware application to get classic Start Menu published by lee-soft.  Vistart does not allow you to customize your Start Menu. It gets you the old traditional Start Menu and thats all. Additionally, it does not charge any fee, which could be a big advantage to the users. Go through its FAQ page to learn more about it.

Classic Shell : It is another application to get the old Start Menu. Totally different from Vistart, not only it does provide you the classic Start Menu, it also allows you to customize it totally. As soon as it is installed and run, you can choose from two Start Menus available.

Classic Shell gives you perfect Start menu to make your Start better and easy. Almost Similar to the old traditional Start menu we have in Windows XP and Windows 7. One Disadvantage of classic shell is the fees it demands once your trial period is expired. For me, it is not worth paying only to get a Start menu on my Desktop.

Start Menu 7 :– Using Startmenu7, you can customize the Start menu to reflect your own style. It is also known as StartmenuX. As Microsoft has changed its logo, Start menu also let you choose the logo of your choice.Start menu 7 is comes in two editions. Basic edition is a freeware, and the second edition with more features and customization options is available for $20. Go to FAQ page to learn more about StartMenu7.

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