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‘iPhone leak’ Drags Gizmodo Into Deep Trouble. Editor’s Computers Seized

Gizmodo iPhone ScamThis article will tell you about Gizmodo iPhone scam. Here are all details about the scam involving iPhone leak and Gizmodo’s product review of the iPhone.

The whole past week was all about the next iPhone, which was lost & found by iPhone engineer->unknown guy->Gizmodo, and as expected, Gizmodo went on to take advantage of the leaked iPhone and squeezed the yet-to-launch iPhone to its limits, even when it was dead (remotely killed by Apple).

As millions of people kept their eyes at Gizmodo’s coverage of the next iPhone, the controversy took a new turn when Gray Powell, the Apple engineer who supposedly lost the next iPhone in a bear bar, came into the picture. Gizmodo dragged the Apple engineer into the mess only when it appeared to Gizmodo that they were getting accused of stealing the iPhone from Apple’s custody, which they hadn’t.

Later, other tech journals and bloggers kept guessing over Apple’s counter action regarding the whole fiasco, either against Gawker Media (Gizmodo) or the guy who took the iPhone and sold it to Gizmodo for $5000.

Now, the latest news from Gizmodo is that the blogger who reviewed, rather dissected the next iPhone on Gizmodo,  Jason Chen is under Police scrutiny and according to Gizmodo, California’s Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team has seized four computers and two servers from Chen’s home, without his presence.

However, Gawker’s COO said that the search warrant for seizing Chen’s computers and servers is invalid under section 1524(g) of the California Penal Code. And now, it appears that ‘iPhone leak investigation’ has kinda paused because of a Shield Law, that Gizmodo seems to have brought up under investigation authority’s notice in their own defense.

As it was widely suspected, Police Investigation was only a matter of time regarding the whole ‘iPhone leak’ thing as Apple is well known to be ruthless when it comes to treating those guys who jailbreak into their Super-secrets and try to disrupt their marketing strategy by taking things out of their control.

So, what could be the implications that Gizmodo might have to face for reporting the leaked iPhone ? Or would the investigation authorities seek out the guy who sold the iPhone to Gizmodo and penalise him ?

Only time will tell !

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