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BitLocker in Windows 8 without TPM

In this article we will tell you how to install bitlocker in Windows 8 without TPM. Here’s the complete procedure.

BitLocker Drive encryption is an encryption protocol introduced in Windows 7 and continued in different editions Windows 8.It focuses on providing enhanced security for drives and removal storage devices.

This enhanced feature of the BitLocker can only be enabled with the help of the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) which is an on-board chip driving the BitLocker encryption.

But what would you do when working on a processor which is not TPM-enabled. You will be notified with the message which looks like “the devices are unable to use the platform which is trusted. You will have to ask your administrator to allow you with the Bit locker without an authenticated TPM”. Let us find out today how you can install BitLocker in Windows 8 without TPM.

BitLocker in Windows 8 without TPM

Before you begin you should have administrative access on your system;.

  • In Windows 8, you will have to call gpedit.msc, and in the policy of the group Manager, Navigate to the location of the Computer configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows components/Bit locker drive encryption/operating system drives.
  • Once you have reached to the system drives location double click “require additional authentication at start-up
  • Once clicked you will have options like previous settings and the next settings, three kinds of configuration options in the form of radio buttons-like not configure, enabled and disabled. In front of which you will be also able to view the space where you can mention the comment.
  • In the same window you will be able to view other options like “allow BitLocker without a compatible TPM (requires a password or a start-up key on the USB flash drive), setting with the computer of the TPM etc.
  • Finally you have to check the option of enabled and then on the statement “allow BitLocker without a compatible TPM (requires a password or a startup key on the USB flash drive)
  • After doing the above tweaking you will find that your system is ready for the encryption with BitLocker. You will have to right-click the disk you wish to encrypt and you will be able to see many options in the shortcut menu like Expand, open in the new window, pin to start, turn on the bitlocker etc.
  • So here you will have to click on option “Turn on the BitLocker”.
  • You will have to keep a USB memory stick for saving the Bit locked credentials. Apart from this you can also copy it to one of the locations on your system and then after that can shift to any appropriate location which you prefer later on.
  • For selecting the option of unlocking the BitLocker Drive encryption (C) – some of the settings which you  will have to manage are “ select the way you want to unlock the drive at the start-up”.  It can be either insert a USB flash drive or by Entering the password. The bitlocker can prompt to enter the password at the start of the start-up of the system.

Hopefully you have found the way of installing BitLocker in Windows 8 without TPM.

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