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Reinstall Windows 8 without losing files

Here in this tutorial we will be telling you how to reinstall Windows 8 without losing files. Complete procedure is explained below:

Developers, common users and designers really find installing,uninstalling or for that matter re-installing a painful and exhaustive task. As in case of re-installing, one has to secure his documents which are already on the system. You would hate to lose your documents or important files in the course of re-installing your system.

Windows 8 has improvised the solution for providing the much needed backup for restoring the applications and functionality on the system. It has brought in a new feature known as “refresh”, which is part of the stock operating system. This feature will ensure the easy working on the re-installation process. Reinstall Windows 8 without losing files

“Refresh”, option will be allowing you to handle the operating system to its original position without forcing you to delete the major applications, your personal files, different accounts which you are holding, and also the setting which were implemented at the time of installation. Not only this, it also helps in protecting encryption applications like bit locker along with drive assignments. Whereas application shortcuts on the desktop will be deleted and settings of the firewall, file types, and the setting of display will be restored to default. At the initial level, Refresh is a unique image used for backup which keep the details of the data which was added while the basic installation was taking place. When it is refreshed, the feature acts as overhauled system for restoring by re-installing the windows. It ensures that all the data which was on the system is restored back and your PC is back to how it was.

Saving the desktop applications with recimg

With the help of the Recimg feature one would be able to handle the baseline designed image which forces in refreshing. It will provide you the option of restoring it on your system. It will enforce the process of installing windows, move ahead with the initial setup, allow you to add new users with their account, will allow in installing all the applications which were there on the system, and finally will be helping in adding all the personal setting to the operating system. Previously it was handled by the third party tool but currently a window 8 has got it incorporated in its operating system itself.

Process of base-line image creation

For creating the unique and simple image you will have to execute the command at the command prompt window.

recimg /create image E:BACKUPS- and then click on the enter button.  The location which has been mentioned in the above command of image creation can be replaced by any area where you wish to store it. IT can be to any locations or external drives which ever you choose. And the Recimg will create the folder based on the hierarchy. And as soon as you are done simply press the key, you will find the recimg has created a new image file. Following which you will have to register with the program of Refresh. So that it can use the image which has been created by you rather than the previous image of windows. Based on the data the tool will have to write for every backup process. Due to which it can take some time to complete the whole process. And after all the actions have been completed, will be displaying a message that the task has been completed. Finally a new file with the name “customrefresh.wim” will be created. But the size can surely differ.

The process of restoration is handled with the latest refresh tool which is located at the “PC Settings”, Windows 8 recovery environment and metro application.

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