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Best FTP clients for windows 8

In this article we will tell you about the best FTP clients for windows 8. Here’s the list of some.

There are many FTP clients which are suitable for Windows 8 operating system, which allows you to download or upload files from your FTP Server. Most of the FTP applications in Windows 8 have an user-friendly GUI which makes it easier for beginners to use them.


It is a free FTP client for Windows 8 which helps you to download or upload files to your FTP server. It is very fast and has elegant user-interface designed specifically for windows 8 operating system. In order to connect to FTP server, launch the mFTP app from the start screen in Windows 8. Now right click within the app to view the menu bar and options for entering server details which includes 3 text boxes for “FTP Server”, “Username” and “Password”.

Best FTP clients for windows 8Once you provide these details and save the settings, you can connect to FTP server anytime. mFTP has an excellent user-friendly interface which allows you to upload, download, edit, delete or rename the files or folders from a remote server. It also allows creation of new directories and viewing history logs for earlier connections. It makes use of TCP port 21 for making the connection and you can download this App from Microsoft website at,

WinSCP 5.1.1

WinSCP is a free and open source FTP, SCP and SFTP client suitable for Windows 8 operation system which can be used for file transfer between a remote server and your local Desktop. It has an excellent Graphical User-interface and provides basic file management and batch scripting functionality. The App supports multiple languages and can be integrated with Windows providing options like shortcut icons, URL and Drag & Drop feature.

It also supports Secure File Transfer Protocol as well SCP using SSH-2 and SSH-1 apart from traditional File Transfer protocol. There is directory synchronization in various ways and built-in text editor. It also can be integrated with PuTTY authentication agent and supports SSH passwords. You can store session information for logging if required. There is also portable version available which can be run from removable storage media like USB thumb drive.

Free FTP

This is a popular FTP client from Coffeecup software which has elegant and simple user-interface that makes your FTP operations much easier. If you want to connect to remote FTP server, you just need to enter the details of the server and login credentials. If you wish to download or upload files, you can choose the necessary options. You can see the progress of file download in the status bar but it’s not as details as how you expect which is one minor drawback of this App.


It is excellent FTP software which is basically a Mozilla Firefox Add-on. It can work across various platforms and is compatible with Windows 8 operating system as well. It supports SFTP, TLS, SSL, directory comparison and various encoding formats. There are various important features like Proxy support, File Hashing, Remote editing, Drag and Drop, Integrity Checks, Filter System for searching. You can rename directories, change directory permissions (chmod), time stamp synchronization and lot more.

FileZilla FTP

It’s a popular FTP client that works across different platforms. The user-interface is simple and allows drag & drop of files from your local Desktop or remote server. You can save the login credentials for different FTP servers and connect to them anytime you require. There are various exciting features including file hashing, creation/editing directories, simultaneous operations, Secure FTP etc.

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