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Customize Aero Glass Effect Opacity & Blur In Windows 8

In this article we will tell you about customize aero glass effect opacity & blur in windows 8. Here’s the details.

Windows 8 is the latest offering from Microsoft for personal computers, portables, mobiles and enterprise systems. Introduced during the last quarter of 2012, it brought in some significant changes in the windows 8 edition, specifically in its user interface. Its prime focus was to improve the user experience on mobile devices such as tablets which could compete with other mobile OS like Android and Apple’s iOS.

It has brought a look and feel of friendly touch along with shell and user interface. In this version start screen replaces the “Start Menu “from the previous versions. It led emphasis on touch screen input and many more applications which could be purchased from the Windows Store. It has taken advantage of some new technologies like USB 3.0,4 KN Advanced format; cloud computing, low-power ARM Architecture.Blah! Bleh…and many more!

Customize Aero Glass Effect Opacity & Blur In Windows 8Enough of introduction to Windows 8! Let’s get straight to the topic now. Windows Aero is defined as Authentic, Energetic, Reflective and Open. It is a unique interface along with a design which was first introduced in Windows Vista and was improvised thereafter with Windows 7.

Tweaks which were incorporated in the Aero had affected a handful of components of windows interface and how they work. It was first unveiled with Windows Vista as a complete makeover of the Windows UI which replaced the “LUNA” theme.

Windows 8 brings in the all new “Metro appearance” in the start screen. Some of the popular themes like “windows classic” and “Aero glass” have been completely removed. It has been replaced by the fresh and unique theme with a flattering new age look and feel and no transparency. Another new feature in windows 8 is that it sets the window’s border according to the wallpaper of the user. Aero glass is no longer the default theme.

As Windows 8 has lost the transparent feel, people who were “obsessed” with the transparency –demanded the feature should be brought back. The classic solids didn’t impress many! However lack of the transparent feel doesn’t mean that the interface ain’t soothing enough. The only point is that people don’t prefer to shift from the glossy looks to the minimal.

However good news for all you Aero lovers! A utility, AG Tweaker is now available which supports the Aero Glass for windows 8, letting you tweak the meter of blur to apply on the window panes .AG Tweaker is dependent on the Aero Glass for Windows 8 to function.

AG Tweaker doesn’t need to be saved into in any of the special application directory and it can be executed from just anywhere within the OS. It’s lightweight and doesn’t require any special installation or access. When you start the application first, the level of the blur and opacity will be set as default which is set by application.

Its sliders can then be increased or decreased along with the depth of effects. Its Blur effect could be increased to the highest point while you are lowering the opacity to the minimum to give the window panes a shiny look. It works on both 64 and 34 bit! No major bugs have been so far reported with AG Tweak. A detailed description and FAQ about its implementation has been discussed here; and you can download the utility from here;

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