Windows 8

15 best Windows 8 apps

Here in this post we will enlist you 15 best Windows 8 apps. Here’s the list of some:

Since the day Windows 8 made it to the common user’s PC, there have been a lot of user complaining that Microsoft does not have a collection of productive apps for this new version of Windows. Gladly, they all have been proved wrong by Microsoft who has done a great job of expanding the Windows marketplace in such a small period of time. In this article, we will see the best and the most productive apps available easily for the Windows 8 for PC, tablet or both of them.

1.Video App

This is an in built app which ships with Windows 8, which ties up with the Zune video store. You need to pay in Microsoft Points to buy a movie which may be cumbersome. But the prices are very less as compared to even iTunes. The movies are available in both SD and HD.

2. Vimeo

Vimeo is an apt alternate to YouTube which offers a very fluid and a fast UI for the user. Unlike Youtube, this app is not at all littered with useless clips. Rather it shows clips based on the users previous engagements and interests.

3. Cut The Rope

After entertaining iPad and Android users for a long time, Cut the rope is one of the first apps to make it to the Windows 8 platform. It has the same blob which needs to be fed by cutting the appropriate ropes. Better be warned in advance that the game is badly addictive, so you will be playing hours and hours without even knowing.

4. Dictionary

The app is the one which you would be using for everything starting from looking for meanings to getting the correct pronunciation. The app has a very clean interface with has quite a rapid response.

5. Ashampoo imageFX