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Essential Twitter Apps

Twitter appsTwitter is a micro-blogging service for updating your status in 140 chars. Twitter apps are useful as well.

Twitter seems ubiquitous now. It appears that everybody is on Twitter and those who aren’t there already will soon be Twittering like all of us. For those who’re still unaware about Twitter, it is a micro-blogging service that enables you to express yourself, generally your ‘status’ within 140 characters.

In the early days of Twitter, it was considered too simplistic, restrictive and feature-less but gradually its simplicity became its biggest asset and today, it seems the web has customized itself for fitting into 140 characters. With plenty of URL shortening services(tinyurl,…) and our ‘new age internet language’ (lol, b4 etc), there’s hardly any discomfort in expressing ourselves and communicating with others within 140 characters.

Another thing that has hugely contributed in making Twitter what it is today is ‘Twitter Apps‘. With hundreds of twitter apps(somewhat similar to Facebook apps) available to make our Twitter experience better than the best, the users had to get addicted to this Twitter thing.

After going through a plenty of Twitter applications, we have selected 11 twitter applications that are irresistable and efficient in doing what they’re meant for. These twitter apps will surely enhance your experience on Twitter, if you’re not using them already. Take a look at these 11 Twitter apps :

1. Tweetdeck : A Desktop based Application for Twitter

This is possibly the best application for doing everything relating to Twitter. You can tweet, reply, retweet, send direct message, create groups and lots more stuff.

2. TwitPic – For sharing pictures on Twitter

It’s one of the most popular and easiest tools to share pics on Twitter.

3. TwitterFox – Light FF Add-on for Twittering 

A light firefox add-on for Twitter, if you hate using a bulky desktop based app for twittering.

4. TwitIn – A Faster Way To Grow your Followers on Twitter

TwitIn is an application that lets you grow, flush and reciprocate your twitter followers. It’s a tried and tested rule that reciprocation is the only way to grow your Followership on Twitter (unless you’re a celebrity or a weblebrity). So, this app will help you grow your followership faster. We also interviewed CEO of InRev sometime back. InRev is the company behind TwitIn.

5. Twellow : Twitter ‘Yellow Pages’

Twitter is an amazing place for finding and communicating with people that you’re interested in. With Twellow, a ‘Yellow pages’ sort of directory of over 3.6 Mn twitter users, you’re sure to find the right folks without wasting time in browsing profiles on Twitter abruptly.

6. Twitter Grader – See where you stand in TwitterWorld

Your follower count and many ‘activeness’ factors determine your grade at TwitterGrader. If you want to see who’s leading the Twitter Race in your city or country, this is the place to look out for. It also gives you an easy way to befriend the most active(and followed) folks on twitter.

7. Tweetmeme : Digg for Twitter

Twitter is possibly the most talked about buzzword on the web these days. Every now and then, folks are talking about Twitter, either positive(ex. ‘Twitter effect’) or negative(ex. Twitterfail) so the easiest way to track down the stories floating in blogosphere, which are revolving around Twitter can be caught right here.

8. TwittEarth : A Pure Visual Treat for Twitter lovers

It shows you twittering happening all over the world in ‘Google Earth’ style. It is less of a utility but gives you an amazing visual treat for sure.

9. Twitercounter – Flaunt your Follower count on your Blog/Site

Now, if your efforts and presence is substantial on Twitter, its a good idea to flaunt it to your site visitors. Twitercounter lets you do that.

10. TwitSpam – Report Twitter spammers

We all hate spam on Twitter. So why not report crappy spammers to twitspam for some cleanup on Twitter. Although Anti-spam team at Twitter is always on its job but a small effort of ours will make Twitter even better for all of us.

11. TwitterforiPhone – Twittering through iPhone

Twittering through iPhone is super cool. This application lets you do that.

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