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://URLfan – The FUTURE of ‘Website Popularity Indexing’

In this article we will tell you about urlfan review as ://urlfan measures how popular is your website in the world of Web 2.0.

To check out what’s the ‘Popularity Status’ of “”(any site),one usually refers site indexing platforms such as Alexa,Compete, Quantcast and similar others but all these websites follow quite conventional methods of evaluating overall rank of a website or a blog.

Such indexing sites can’t even be called a ‘true’ evaluater of a site/blog’s popularity because traffic isn’t always proportional to popularity.For instance,a content-rich website may be getting bulk of traffic through search engines but may not be as popular among its readers.

So,is there any existing solution to this problem of accurately evaluating ‘what’s popular’ and ‘what’s not’ ?

YES….It’s ://urlfan

://urlfan measures how popular is your website in the world of Web 2.0.And the basis on which it ranks websites on ‘Popularity Scale’ is one’s reputation/popularity in Blogosphere.

As there’s hardly any space left where bloggers are silent and bloggers(both casual & professional) are considered to be the ‘trend picking’ & ‘most frequent’ independent journalists with unbiased views about anything that comes their way,blogosphere could actually be the best possible standard for measuring popularity of any web entity and that’s what ://urlfan does.

Founded by Monir Boktor(surprisingly the ‘only’ brain behind this concept) in early 2007,://urlfan is bringing more than 2 million uniques every month at the moment.

There’s an interesting and useful thing called ‘Buzz Radar’  on ://urlfan that keeps tracking the most recent Buzz Words,floating in blogosphere.This can prove quite uselful for bloggers,who are always looking for their next ‘Hot Topic’ to write about.

What happens behind the Scenes

://urlfan evaluates websites/blogs by cultivating millions of blog posts that are generated everyday,literally counting every mention of every website it comes across.It parses billions of pieces of information to make a transparent ranking based on that data.As of now,they are ranking  3,783,534 websites by parsing 128,555,600 blog posts from 2,121,733 blog feeds.

The website is developed alone by me starting in 2007, it now receives over 2 million unique visitors a month.Have a look at the Top 100 websites on popularity scale,ranked by ://urlfan.


If  ://urlfan continues the way it’s progressing at the moment and adds even more innovative metrics to its evaluation algorithms,one can’t deny admitting it “The FUTURE of Website Popularity Indexing” !

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