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Trick That Every Startup Wants To Excel Right Now: ‘Getting Social’

Social interaction websites such as qmpeople provide array of features to facilitate user interaction among peers and unknown people from across the world.

Majority of popular web startups these days are doing something that’s inclined towards being more ‘Social’.

With growing influence of Social Media and increasing power drift towards the community side, plethora of tech companies are trying hard to leverage the ‘Social’ trait of internet consumers and building a sustainable business out of it.

Facebook is the biggest example among other internet companies. It’s a single product company(Social networking website) that’s getting valued at around $40Bn in private investment rounds and secondary markets. And guess what, they’re largely monopolistic in Social networking arena.

Twitter and Zynga are other big examples of the same ongoing trend. People love getting social online. Whether it’s about consuming news stuff, communicating with celebs or playing & sharing game scores with friends, the basic idea is to build a web product that gets people involved and then their friends, then friends of their friends and so on.

If the ‘social’ element is carefully taken care of, Internet masses are likely to take that web service on a viral ride. Even massive sized product/technology obsessed companies such as Google are trying mighty hard to get their footsteps right and produce a lovable social product for end consumers.

After analyzing startup requests that we tend to receive regularly, there has been a noticable shift of focus among entrepreneurs about their product appeal and nature of their business. ‘Getting Social’ is increasingly becoming the key factor for achieving success on Internet. Such a trend has also given rise to slew of web services that primarily use Facebook & Twitter APIs and build products around the core service.

And surprisingly, companies like Zynga have actually made huge profits(over hundreds of millions) by simply being a gaming application provider on Facebook and leveraging the untapped social power.

Leaving successful social web products aside, there are smaller web companies such as and SocialText which are using Micro-blogging as their way of engaging people and growing their product usage.

Then there are websites such as Chatroulette which gained instant popularity among Internet masses for tapping the ‘social’ factor with a different approach altogether. Anonymous video chats with random people attracted thousands of folks across the world to start conversing with random people and end up making new friendships.

Chat oriented websites such as qmpeople aren’t so great at innovating radical ways of social interaction but they have managed to attract and maintain user attention by offering a lot of interactivity features(chat, groups, photo/video sharing, sms, games, etc) and providing language specific versions for various popular languages(French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian etc) apart from English.

Concluding the whole ‘Social’ thing, the bottom line is that Social Interaction, either among known or unknown people, is a crowd pleaser and is sure to attract lots of entrepreneurs in the years to come.

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