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Looks Like Nobody Wants To Compete With Facebook Anymore…

In this article we will tell you about myspace facebook connect. Myspace to announce collaboration with facebook connect.

Ask an Investor in Silicon Valley about where would he love to put his money right now and the most probable answer is going to be ‘Facebook’. With close to 600 Mn active users in the largest social network on the planet, the momentum is so fast that Facebook is simply crushing anything that’s coming into their way.

Facebook launching ‘Places’ for dominating the ‘location’ game is just another example of that. ‘Foursquare’, a promising startup which was once offered over $120Mn by Facebook (which Foursquare refused) is now facing an invincible challenge by ‘Facebook Places’, Facebook’s very own location sharing feature. Foursquare is literally playing for survival now.

And Facebook’s ‘web domination’ message is so loud and clear that even once-established social network like Orkut chose to shake hands with Facebook, instead of competing with it. And now, the very first social network in Internet history, Myspace, is doing the same, deciding to get out of Facebook’s way and choosing to shake hands(connect) with them.

Today, Nov 18, 2010 at 12 noon, Mike Jones, Myspace CEO and Dan Rose, VP for Partnership and Platform Marketing, Facebook will be making some joint announcement and hence the invitation to media guys for joining a webcast for the same.

Now that Myspace has completely re-designed itself and no more calling itself a ‘Social Network’ but an ‘entertainment hub’, the chances are that Myspace would be announcing its adoption of ‘Facebook Connect’ to get more Facebook users to its website. Or worse, it could be announcing the same ‘profile linking‘ stuff that Orkut and Facebook got into.

As all competitors in Social networking turf have more or less given up the battle, we now have just one reigning Social Network in existence and that’s Facebook. But i guess, competition is good for constant Innovation and people love to have better options, right !

Hey Google, don’t disappoint and bring out your social beast fast !

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