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Microblog Software

Blogging is something, you would like to do in different way from others. Learn more about the different types of microblog software.

Micro-blogging is type of multimedia blogging in which users are allowed to send brief text messages or share media files like audio clips, photographs and shot videos and publish them to a group of users in the social media. Micro blogging became more popular with the advent of social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Whereas traditional blogging is in which users write long articles about their experience or specific to any product/service. In traditional blogging users require proper grammar knowledge and good English skills to write long paragraphs of text explaining about any interesting topic.

Micro blogging is a broadcast medium where users can blog to multiple users in a group. It differs from a traditional blog in the sense content is usually very small and intended for a wide group of audience in social media. The posts on micro-blogging are also known as micro posts in which users post about simple things “What I am doing now”, “sports cars”, “What’s hot in web” etc. Micro blogging is used currently for marketing purpose, especially by organizations to promote their products and services. microblogging vs traditional blogging

Usually micro blogging services provide features like privacy settings that permits users for controlling who could read their posts and different ways to publish their messages in web-based interface. It includes Email, instant messaging and text messaging. Twitter is a popular micro blogging website which allows users to send short text messages with a maximum length of 140 characters. Facebook also allows users to post status updates which can include pictures, short video clips as well as sound clips.

Recently micro blogging has been used extensively by people when compared to traditional blogging. When you look at recent statistics on search volume for different blogging websites like Facebook, Twitter and Blogger you will notice that micro blogging websites have more search volume than traditional blogging websites. Also, the Alexa rank of micro blogging websites has increased to a very high extent recently. People like to spend more time in interacting with others through social media platforms which led to increased use of micro blogging. A number of traditional blogs which are created on average is very less when compared to new users created through micro blogs.

Micro blogging through social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook is allowing companies to generate more leads, improve traffic and get more customers. It has become a good marketing tool to reach a wider audience due to the increasing number of users in these social media platforms. Traditional blogging has become outdated since it takes lots of energy, time and grammar skills to create such blogs. Users don’t have such patience anymore and also they are interesting in sharing ideas rapidly and interacting with other users in a lively fashion. Micro blogging allows users to share their likes and dislikes and get recognized instantly.

It is no longer necessary for people to upload links to servers with help of dial-up service and with modern smart phones people can share links instantly using Google+, Twitter and Facebook. Also micro blogging does not require users to maintain a separate blog or website for them. Websites like Facebook allow users to create Fan pages where they can express their ideas and promote their product/service which is much easier than creating a new blog/website which requires more time, effort and money. Micro blogging saves a lot of resources and time for the bloggers and makes it easier to communicate ideas instantly.

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