How to Find Out Who a Twitter Account Belongs to. Person or Bot!

In this article, we will tell you how to find out who a Twitter account belongs to. Here’s the complete procedure.

We all know that what is “Twitter” and the reason behind its popularity is the huge real-time important information network which connects us to some latest gossips, stories, news, ideas, and opinions about your interest. It allows you to follow the conversations and celebrities. People have their Twitter accounts and the most easiest way to get to someone is his/her e-mail Id, it also show   connections between people, mostly celebrities, which sometimes proved to be helpful for online surveys.

But Twitter becomes a social problem when some cheap people uses fake Identities,  names of popular person mostly celebs and when they tweet something embarrassing about someone’s identity.
For example masaenfurecida is one of such kind of accounts. This is a Spanish account which got attention due to some wicked tweets on some social and political panorama of Spain.
We can assume that some people who have close connection with the owner will must have twitter accounts. Now, Tweet Stars generally have a large numbers of followers so searching interested people in this amount will be a tough task.

Some basic rules:

•    Generally no one is followed by mostly Tweet star, if they follows then it can be a countable number. You can find some interesting connections by following that path.
•    Without actually following an account it can be followed as public list. Sometimes Tweet stars can be seen in a list of people who generally don’t follow them.
•    With two twitter accounts, a connection could be established between them by just comparing their followers and who are they following.


It takes as input two twitter names for displaying the possible connections between two accounts. As Twitter has a limitation of 150 API calls per hour but effort has been in progress to cache data & reduce queries as much as possible.

A number of Spanish script writers manages account named masaenfurecida. So searching about this is best option.
Searching on Twitter for these different script writers returns a number of several accounts which includes: sologuion, guionistasaida,  guonistaszd,  guidoitwitt,  tandemguion,  gagsigc and matching them against the masaenfurecida account using Twittego shows various persons who are following masaenfurecida and also found following those script writers. The most flashy of them galahan, cristaljar, xcarlosares, juanjomoscardo,  erreimantada &  oscarbernacer.

The owner of account masaenfurecida was in connection to joseluisgarci. As joseluisgarci is another Tweet star, giving both names to Twittego gave a sign of noise.
Secondly Google’s result of “masaenfurecida” search brings us to a forum thread about the Tweet star, started by a name johntones, who already has appeared in previous step. Even if the connection seems to have no problem, but when discussing the thread about him being the only real culprit the connection was explicitly denied. Another Google search with the name of forum (focoforo) shows some nameless comment on the article discussing about the ownership of masaenfurecida’s Tweets. He claimed john tones, vigalondo and several people from focoforo are behind the masaenfurecida.
What about the names which came up when searching for script writers?. Giving focoforo the preceding flashed accounts into Twittego generated the Christmas tree, making cristaljar, Vigalondo  ,joseluisgarci , fagaguionistas,   cristaljar, and a number of people all over the place.
The conclusion arrives here is that we can safely point out that people like johntones, vigalondo , cristaljar and persons in relation with fagaguionistas are backing up a small network which is not real.
So, Twittego tool helps by gathering the information about the people by just having a scenario about their Twitter connection of various networks and gives a clear view about their reality. Through this ways you can have Idea about the person behind the twitter account.

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