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Find Similar Sites Using Google

Its tough to find similar sites without Google. Here are some tips to find and search similar sites using Google instantly.

In order to get useful, important and exact information, we need to find similar kind of sites that can give or you can say provide result according to a particular sites for reference or any other purpose depending upon someone’s need.

Today In this tutorial I will aim on to show or teach you to search in a particular manner to get a list of related or similar sites using Google and using add-on in Google Chrome.

1. Using Google Search

This method is one of the basic and much popular available methods for finding a list of similar sites related to a particular site. All you will needHow to find similar websites using Google to do is just follow the given procedure.

  • Go to the search bar on Google’s search page and enter the query related to that website whose similar results you need. For example :
  • Then click the small flipped triangle near to the query result as shown in the below given picture.

  • After clicking that you will get two options similar and share. Click the option similar this will give you a list of similar sites.

2.  Google search query

Secondly we can use the Google search query to get similar kind of websites.

For example:


This method also gives list of similar sites and this method is the easiest and probably more accurate than other methods.

3. Using Google Browser’s Extension Or Add-on

Using an add-on helps a lot in searching a website similar to another website, this include the addition of an extension or an add-on to your Google’s chrome. Some Google’s chrome browser’s add-on which you can use

  •  Google chrome similar site add-on is an innovational reference engine for websites that gives much similar results of websites according to a particular website or query of your preference. It finds most relevant related sites based on similar content, structure of the website, algorithms for link analysis. Depending upon the exact matching technology it is a related content engine which runs the browser addon that is Similar Web, It works on the technique of associative browsing to get accurate results. A small example is given below:

Some more related sites are:

4. Using Similar Website

Here I am giving a list of websites that can also help you in searching similar websites.

Now, with the help of above given information you will be able to find a list of most similar sites related to a particular site or about a topic of your own choice. I have mentioned the much easy way of getting similar sites which includes Google search, Google query search which includes use of phrase: related:url, extensions or add-on, similar sites.

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