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Developing a social media strategy for nonprofits

Here in this post we will guide you regarding developing a social media strategy for nonprofits.

Regarding social media and non-profit organizations

Social media is regarded as a platform where people can share their feelings, thought and opinions about various issues, happening, products, services, events, etc. It is done on numerous web sites on the internet. There are various types of social media platforms like internet forums, social blogs, wikis, pictures, micro blogging, pod casts, video, ratings, reviews, social book marking, etc. Today, these social media are extensively used for online or internet marketing of the products and services of different types of organizations like commercial and non-profit organizations.

The non-profit organizations are non-government or government bodies which do not operate for monitory profits, but for social welfare. These organizations are run by a group of people or trustee and supported by the generous donations of people. The members of these bodies widely use the social media as a platform to reach millions of generous people across the globe and they also apply certain strategies for this online publication of their missions.

Importance of social media for non-profit organizations Developing a social media strategy for nonprofits

Today, almost all the people round the globe of different types of culture, nationality, religion, education and professional backgrounds. Most people are active bloggers in different types of web sites and are signed up members of various social networking sites on the internet.

The non-profit organization work on various social issues like aids awareness, diabetes, leprosy awareness, orphan welfare, old age welfare, handicapped re-facilitation, women empowerments, etc. They spread their mission by extensively blogging and posting on various social network web sites. Most of these organizations have official web sites, where there are many blogs and forums. The site visitors write their reviews and feelings and also interact with each other on those forums and blogs. Thus, they naturally develop an interest on that non-profit organization and eventually may also participate or donate to help their missions.

Social media strategy for non-profit organization

The official web site of the non-profit organization must have a very good content. The content words should be simple and covering the most important points in a precise manner. It should always highlight the main social issues on which the organization actually works and why should people participate in their group. All the contact information should be clearly mentioned on the web site.

The web site should be highly optimized and linked with almost all the well-known social networking sites such as Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, Fropper, etc., in order to draw more visitor traffic towards the website.

An official video of the organization promotion should be posted on the You Tube social networking video site.

The site must be updated and modified regularly with all latest information and events in the organization.

Official newsletter should be sent to the e-mail inboxes of the site registered member regularly.

There should be online chat window, blogging and forum provisions on the web site, in order to interact freely with the site visitors and know their feedbacks.

Content calendars are one of the most useful tools for developing a social media strategy for non-profit organizations.

Through social media, an organization reaches billions, all over the globe, thus an online donation giving facility should also be provided by the site, where the visitors can donate online through credit cards. Currency exchange facilities should also be provided.

A unique and genuine profile should be created by the organization on all the social networking sites like orkut, facebook and twitter. That profile should also portray the details regarding the organization and how they work for human welfare. The aim of the profile is to increase the number of likes by the members of the site.

The social is one of the biggest and most popular forms of developing a strategy for non-profit organizations due to its cost-effectiveness and reaching masses across the world. The publication can be done at much lower cost and in a small period of time.

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