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How to Disable Google Plus Instant Upload Feature

Instant upload feature may harm privacy and can be harmful in many ways. Learn how to disable Google plus instant upload feature.

Google Plus is a popular social media platform from the search engine giant which has many cool features. One of the interesting features available in mobile version of Google+ is an Instant upload option which allows users to automatically upload pictures or videos which they shoot using their mobile camera to the Google+ social network through Mobile Internet.

How to Disable Instant Upload on Google Plus

Though this feature can be useful for many people by saving time in Uploading pictures, it can be irritating and annoying for some people who don’t want their personal pictures to get automatically uploaded in social media. The instant upload feature is turned on by default in the mobile app for Google+.

Suppose if you are using a limited data plan and don’t want to use mobile internet too much, then you should disable this instant upload picture.

Because every time when you take photos in your mobile camera, it will automatically upload those pictures which can consume more data and you might get overcharged for your usage.

Also, it will consume lot of battery and it would be really annoying if this happens when you have low battery since it will drain your battery completely.

If you are facing such problems, then you should first know the method to disable the Instant Upload option in Google Plus. You can enable this feature only when your phone is under charging or when you have turned on Wi-Fi connectivity. The procedure to disable this feature is by going to Settings in the Google+ Application where you find the option for Instant Upload at the bottom.

You should uncheck this option to disable the feature. You can also turn on the Instant Upload feature only when you are connected through Wi-Fi. You should go to Setting menu and select videos and photos only through Wi-Fi.

If you wish to avoid battery getting drained, then you can go to Battery Upload option and enable the Upload only when the phone is charging. Photos and videos uploaded through Instant Upload feature will automatically get stored in an Instant Upload album under Google+ and will not be shared unless the user selects to share them.

The Instant Upload feature is available only in Android Version 2.2 and above. You can disable or enable Instant upload anytime. You should ensure that you have enabled Sync Instant Upload on your phone so that settings in your phone and Desktop are matched correctly.

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