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How to Fix Water Damage on a Phone

Accidental damage of your phone because of water have less chances of being repaired easily. Learn how to fix water damage on a phone.

Even if your cell phone is all wet, there is a good chance that you might save your phone before it dies out.  Without any further discussion about the topic, let’s just dive in to save the phone.

Take the Phone Out and Don’t Panic

Don’t think twice before taking out the phone from the water.

How to Fix a Water Damaged PhoneSome people happened to panic in crunch situations like this and happen to be all “what to do? What should I do?” kind. Please don’t be one of those guys, be mature enough to react in the below mentioned ways.

Power out immediately – Remove the battery and no please don’t try switching on directly after the “dip”. Be patient and remove the battery and the SIM card as soon as possible.

Cut Out the Memory

Well, not exactly cut out but just get into the slot and remove the memory card. Also, if your phone happens to be having any other removable slot, go ahead and empty them too.


Now that the battery is not attached, your only aim to dry off the water. Make sure you don’t leave even a drop inside because it can entirely ruin your phone. Gently wipe off the water from the phone. Don’t shake the phone excessively because you wouldn’t any water moving around inside of the phone. Using alcohol to clean is a very good way because that way the water will be easily displaced by alcohol.

Vacuum Cleaning (Optional)

If you wish to suck out all the liquid inside what could be a better way than the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner can easily show its effect in around 507 minutes after application. But don’t use just start hovering it over the phone, firstly maintain around 8-10 cm distance from your phone and then dry out carefully.

Use the Affinity

Put your phone in a substance which has a high affinity and is easily available at home for e.g.- rice. Go ahead put your phone in uncooked rice for around 15-20 minutes and you will see that it will quickly dry out the water from the cell phone.

Absorb the Water

Now it will be wise enough to use a towel or napkin to absorb the remaining water content.


This is a very crucial part where you get to know your result, has your phone been drowned or did you save it in time? Well put on the battery, yeah just the battery nothing else and try switching on. If it does then good job, go to put on all the other items like SIM card etc.

If not don’t worry, remove the battery and try charging the phone, if it works then you need to get a new battery because only the battery drowned. And if it doesn’t turn on after the charging too, you shall consider testing once more but after you have cleaned it up all over again and that too by de-assembling all of it like screen, keypad etc.

In case nothing shows any result, then you have to give your phone to the professionals and yeah, they will definitely fix it for you.

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