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Top 5 Ways to Save Money Using Cellphones

Smartphones can also be used to save money to some extent. Top 5 ways to save money using cellphones are listed in this article.

1.       Spot ATMs which are Fee-Free

One of the biggest problems today is high ATM fees and many of them charge around 3 dollars for a single transaction if you have an account in Different bank. You can easily avoid this expense by finding out nearest ATMs which do not charge you a fee. These are apps which allow you to check and you can avoid unnecessarily spending money on ATM fee.

Ways to Save Money Using Cellphones

2.       Coupons, Deals and discounts

You can save money easily through coupons and discounts. There is a website called which offers the best deals and coupons on your Smartphone. You can download specific apps which can offer a huge database of coupons for different stores and it can come handy when you go for shopping in such stores. If you are a registered user with Groupon , you can obtain exclusive deals which is fifty to ninety percent off retail. You can also obtain amazing offers and find out new restaurants and stores. These discount cards will be definitely useful when you are going for shopping and it will be easier to manage these cards using your Smartphone apps like CardStar which is compatible with Android, iOS and Blackberry.

3.       Using Smart Apps to Compare Prices:

Another important advantage of Smart phone is that you can easily compare prices at different stores while you go for shopping. You can check prices online and find out which one is cheaper. Also, making payments for purchases is easier without using Credit Cards. There are apps like Google Shopper and RedLaser for iPhone which can help you in doing comparison shopping. Similarly, Apps like SnapTell allows you take a snapshot of the barcodes behind products and will give you suggestions of retailers nearby which offer the best price for the product using GPS technology. For shopping Grocery items, you can use Grocery IQ which is another Smartphone App which can give you information on the latest details and discounts for purchasing grocery nearby your locality.

4.       Saving call Charges by Calling through VOIP

If you have unlimited data connectivity or Wi-Fi in your home, you can always make calls through VoIP software like Skype or Gtalk instead of spending money on your calls. Another advantage of having unlimited data plans is that you can also use it to connect your Desktop or Laptop to Internet using USB Tethering option or use your phone as Wi-Fi hotspot.

5.       Spotting Cheap Gas Stations:

Another way to save money with smart phones is by fining out cheapest gas stations in neighborhood while you are travelling. If you are a frequent traveler you can save lot of money on Gas by finding out best gas stations using apps like GasBuddy.

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