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Tools to Generate Random Passwords

Random passwords are a combination which one can’t remember phonetically. Get an idea on tools to generate random passwords in this article.

What doesn’t ask you for a password? From social networks, to your personal bank account! Without a password, you can be just anybody trying to access something unauthorized. Here are some tools we have enumerated to help you generate random passwords.

Generate Random Passwords

An obvious question might crop up in your mind, how do you know that your password is secure enough and “crack” –proof? Well, there are no bookish rules but some password protocols does make the password stronger and difficult to decipher.  We call them random passwords, a combination which one can’t remember phonetically.

The best part about these passwords is that they get created in a few clicks using online tools without bothering you much about downloading the application, registering and finally paying for it.

Today we are going to check out a few online tools which generate random passwords and make life a lot easier. So here it goes!

Pass Creator

The first one in our list today is Pass Creator and we would like to describe it “crazy easy”.  It lets you chose the password strength and decide whether you want it phonemic or random “difficult to decipher”. You can create your password from 7 available options step by step. It can’t get any easier than this.

Random Password Generator

What’s better when the tool itself is named after the purpose of this article. Random password generator creates your password as easy as 1- 2 -3. You can choose from 14 different languages; this tool is small yet effective.

Dino Pass

Dino Pass is a popular password generator mostly amidst kids. Howbeit, that doesn’t stop the elders to use it. With a really catchy GUI, Dino Pass simplifies the process of password creation for kids.

It creates easy to remember and catchy passwords without much hassle. This is however not the most recommended if you are creating passwords for some of your corporate applications.

Norton Id Safe Password generator

Developed by Symantec, Norton Identity Safe Password Generator is a compact tool and is preferred by a lot of business users. It creates passwords hard to decipher and one unique aspect of this tool is that you can chose not to repeat a character or word in the password created.

Random Memorable Password Generator

It can generate limitless passwords and also enable hint to remember the next time you login or after creating the password. Not much technically advanced or customizable. It solves your purpose if you are looking to generate passwords for use in applications on personal computers.

Safe Password

With Safe password you can chose your kind of password and customize the same with special characters, upper-lower case letters. You can even copy the password on a clipboard for future case;

Alternate Ways to Generate Random Passwords

Even in this age of password automation, there are folks who like to create their passwords on their own using Command Line and some codes. These passwords are equally strong and some users consider them over automatically generated passwords using online tools.  However, to create such a password from command line, one needs to be tech savvy and possess good command over LINUX.

These are some essential tools which help automate password creation and they should be used diligently.

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