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Tips to make your Facebook Account Secure

Facebook account represents the personality of an individual but hackers can destroy it. Learn tips to make your Facebook account secure.

If you meet someone new they may not ask your phone number but they will definitely check you out on Facebook.

Though there seems to be no serious problem in befriending a stranger on Facebook, still there are some things which you should be aware of. A person after befriending you on Facebook can easily get to know about you, your friends and family, and in fact your whole history in just a matter of a few hours.

Facebook Secure Your Account

Using the new Facebook timeline, he can easily get to know many things about you, and may even use your ‘confidential’ information in a way which could be potentially dangerous for you.

But what’s even more disturbing is that when someone gets hold of all your uploaded pictures and videos and can easily download them. There are a lot of Facebook apps also, which allow people to download all your stuff in one go. Such apps are available for Android powered phones as well as iPhone.


This one is obvious, but you should be really careful before uploading any picture which you feel, must not be shared on a social platform. You should not upload such pictures which you think will make you feel embarrassed if they get out in public. So think twice before you upload any picture on Facebook.


If you have finally thought about uploading a picture then, share it with your close friends only. For this, start by making a ‘close friends’ list. You can add as many as 1500 friends in a single friend list and can have as many as 100 different friend lists. Share your personal pictures and videos only with this list, so that other people cannot view or download these photographs.


Make it a habit to add all your new friends to ‘restricted list’. These friends will not be able to access all your content. Though they will be added to your friend list but your wall posts, status message, pictures and videos will be protected from them. Once you know that the person is trustworthy, you can move him from the ‘restricted list’ to the normal friends or ‘close friends’ list.

An important advantage of ‘restricted list’ is that you do not end up sharing your photos with all the apps, those friends have subscribed to, improving your security level.


Even if you have shared your picture with a close friend, what happens if he subscribes to an app which he grants permission to access his and his friends’ photos? You ultimately end up sharing your photo with some malicious app.

Well do not be scared. There is a remedy to this problem:

Go to Privacy Settings -> Apps and Settings -> Edit Settings. Now uncheck the things that you do not want to share indirectly via those apps.


Facebook provides three quick levels of privacy which governs sharing and includes:

  • Everyone– This is equivalent to broadcasting your pictures.  Any person on Facebook, even if he is your friend or not, can view content shared using this privacy setting.
  • Friends of friends– This option allows all your friends and their friends to view the shared content. Do not use this as you have no control over with whom your friends connect with.
  • Friends only– This is the safest option to be used.

Besides above tips you must consider visiting your profile with some other account and check your privacy. Hope this helps you in protecting your privacy.

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