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How to Import Facebook Contacts to Gmail

People find it easy to generate and maintain contacts on their Facebook accounts. Learn how  to import Facebook contacts to gmail.

Using Google Chrome Extension

Another easier way is by using Facebook Friends Exporter which is a Google Chrome extension that can be downloaded freely. You can use this plugin to export Facebook contacts list as a CSV file. You can export all the details of your contacts like Friend’s name, phone numbers, emails, websites and screen names. By using this extension, you can important Facebook contacts to Gmail with a single click.

How to import Facebook contacts to Gmail

After installing the extension in Google Chrome, you can view a new option added to the menu bar in Facebook known as “Export Friends”. When you click on that option, you will be asked to go to Friends’ page and you will view disclaimer message from Facebook.

Once you accept the terms and conditions, you can important your Facebook contacts to a CSV file and store it in your local hard disk.

The extension will cache the friends in your Facebook list one by one and export them to a CSV file. Facebook has maintained strict rules for running scripts to access any information of the friends in user profiles and you should be careful while running this extension. But the script works really well and does not cause any problems.

Using Friends to Gmail App

“Friends to Gmail” is yet another web application which could be helpful in converting your Facebook contacts list to a CSV file which is compatible with Gmail.

After creating this CSV file you can import the file into Gmail and obtain all friends information like their name, address, work history, biography, birthday, etc. to your Gmail contacts list. This application is very safe and does not download any private information of users to their server.

But one drawback of this app is that it does not download phone number or email address for the contacts as Facebook restricts application developers from retrieving this data due to privacy concerns from users. In order to import your friends from Facebook, first install this application and click the Connect with Facebook button on the home page.

It will ask for username and password for your Facebook account after which your permission to access Facebook contacts will be requested. Once your click Ok, the application will start exporting all your contacts a single CSV file that you can store in your hard drive.

Now you can go to your Gmail and choose Contacts menu. Select the more actions drop-down in the Contacts page and choose Import. You can view the pop up box which allows you to choose a CSV file from your hard disk for upload. Once you select the CSV file from your hard disk all your contacts will get added to Gmail.

This is one of the easiest ways to important your Facebook contacts to Gmail. Another method is exporting Facebook contacts to Yahoo, and then exporting address book to a CSV file and then importing to Gmail which is quite time consuming.

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