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How to Recover Data From Crashed Hard Drive

Hard drive having important documents if crashed can become the reason of many loses. Learn how to recover data from crashed hard drive.

Any person with a minimum technical knowledge knows that it is inevitable to prevent failure in hard drives. There is every possibility that a hard disk will face failure in the long run. However, there is good news. There is a number of quite effective tools which serve as great recovery tools. These are the following ways of recovering data from a crashed hard drive.

1. Connecting Drive to Another PC

Before doing any work on a drive which has crashed recently, one needs to remove the same from the present PC. Then it has to be connected to another system which works as the secondary drive. The most efficient way of doing this is by using an adapter for USB to IDE/SATA. Otherwise, the hard drive can also be connected internally.

2. Copying Data to Another Drive

After connecting the drive in another PC, one has to check if the contents of the drive can be browsed. If it is possible to do so, the necessary data can be copied and saved. This happens when the operating system gets corrupt, not allowing the PC to start or operate properly.

3. Using Data Recovery Software how to recover data from crashed hard drive

In case, it is not possible to copy the data manually, one can possibly try and recover the same by using software that makes data recovery. In this case, however, one has to keep it in mind that the software must not be installed on the drive which has crashed. The data recovery software must be installed on another drive otherwise all the necessary data which has to be recovered will get erased from the drive while installing the software.

Some Data Recovery Tools

  • Recuva

This is a data recovery tool for hard drives, which comes for free of cost. This tool is a product of Piriform which is the same company that produced the celebrated application CCleaner. Recuva is arguably the best when it comes to Hard Drive recovery tools. This excellent tool can scan data even if the hard drive is formatted. However, even if the recovery fails after a basic scan, there is an option of a thorough deep scan to produce more effective results. There is a portable version of this application, in case one does not wish to install the complete version of the same.

  • PC Inspector File Recovery

This is a recovery software which gives decent results. This tool can be used just in case Recuva fails to do the job. As the tool is launched, one has to choose the language of preference. Then at the welcome screen, three options are given, “Recover Deleted Files”, ‘Find Lost Data” and “Find Lost Drive”. The first option allows the user to restore files which were permanently deleted from hard drive. However, this is going to work only when those deleted files are not overwritten. The second option recovers data which are lost due to a crash in the system. The third option is used when a certain drive is not visible in My Computer or Windows Explorer.


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