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5 Best Tools for Uploading Files to Amazon Glacier

Tools are required to upload files on Amazon Glacier. 5 best tools for uploading files to Amazon glacier are discussed in this article. 

1.       Glacier Uploader

This is one of the popular tools based on Java which requires installation of JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on your Desktop. As it’s based on Java, it is compatible with all platforms like Linux, Windows and Mac. It can be used both for uploading files to Amazon Glacier vaults and also for downloading the same.

Best Tools for Uploading Files to Amazon Glacier

2.       Fast Glacier

It is the first tool which was released within just a few weeks after the release of Amazon Glacier. This tool can be used only with Windows operating system. It has the feature of uploading huge files as multiple chunks with “multi-part uploads” feature.

It has a very simple user interface and it can be used for uploading entire folders as well as single files. You can download it for free it’s just for personal use and in case you need commercial license you might have to pay 29.95 dollars.

3.        CloudBerry backup

CloudBerry backup is a very good app which can be used for taking backup of your folders and files at schedules intervals to the Amazon Glacier backup service. The full version of this app costs 29.99 dollars and you can download a 15-day trial for free. The same application can also be used for taking backup of files to other backup services like Microsoft Azure, Google Storage and Amazon S3. It provides a simple method for creating backup jobs based on custom wizards which helps people to upload folders easily.

4.       Cloud Gates

Cloud Gates is a tool which can help in mapping folders from Amazon Glacier to any FTP server like FileZilla or Cyberduck. You can later access this FTP server by mounting it as a separate drive in your Mac or Windows Explorer. You can just drag and drop files from your Desktop to this FTP server and this is like a free service. Also you don’t have size limit for the files which you upload through Cloud Gates to the Amazon Glacier backup service.

5.          S3 Explorer

This is another tool which can help you to upload files from your Windows or Mac Desktop to Amazon Glacier and Amazon S3 backup services. The S3 Explorer contains a 2-pane view in which one side will list your files in local Desktop and the other side will list the files present in the Amazon Glacier backup server. You can easily drag and drop files from your Desktop to the Glacier backup server. This tool also provides you an option to sync the folders in your Desktop with Amazon Glacier and whatever files you newly store in your Desktop will get automatically updated to the Backup service.

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