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Creating JavaScript Calculators to Enhance Visitor Experience

Javascript calculators for sites

Javascript calculators are mostly used on many of  the sites to get the visitors and help explore your site. Find the complete details below.

Getting people to visit your site is difficult but what’s even more difficult is to get the visitor to stay and explore your site. The webmaster community has been talking about stickiness, bounce rates and time on site for many years and today every site owner will have to realize that getting people to interact with your content not only leads to higher conversion but also helps you rank better in the main search engines.

Articles and other types of written content is so 20th century! People have limited time to spend researching, so reading articles is not exactly on everyone’s agendas. Videos, images and other viral stuff? It is great but doesn’t necessarily improve conversion.

A great way to enhance visitor experience is to build a calculator. In this example, you can see a car loan calculator. It is quite a sophisticated one but I’m sure that a calculator can be built almost in any niche. Does your website deal with numbers? Build a calculator – no matter how simple it is, it will keep the visitors’ attention fixed.

As you can see from the car loan calculator example, it has got sliders. It gives the app a more modern look. If you have to choose between the 1990s approach of creating data fields and buttons and a slider-based tool, always go for the sliders. It looks good and it offers a better functionality.

This calculator consists of the basic HTML code and two integrated JavaScript files – one for the slider operation and another one to power the functionality of the calculator. In order to build a good-looking calculator for your site, you will need experience in CSS. The slider cursor is basically a small png image with relative position that slides across a background scale image based on the instructions contained in its JavaScript file.

Another piece of advice that can be given to webmasters is – build the calculator in a way that you can create a stand-alone app that you can share with partners via an iframe. It’s important if you’re serious about building a well-performing affiliate network. Providing them with banners and other conventional advertising material is not enough any more. The future is in the apps.

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